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  2. Desolation X's Super sponsor F rank

    hey... iv'e inquired about this ages ago and never received it? iv'e been a super sponsor for years as most OG's would know
  3. IPban and also ban

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  4. Ipban & banned "blackshadow"

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  6. Juan Advertised

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  7. Old Veteran Is Back!!!!

    Old Veteran is Back! CryonicGas Some of you maybe will remember me, and some of you may not know me at all, but anyways hello to everyone. Background Info: My name is Braden, I'm 21 years old, I live in Kansas currently working a part-time job, and going to college. I am studying to become a Game Graphic Designer my love for video gaming and plus playing your Server Nick and Slatum has inspired me. I just wanted to say thank you to the both you for creating such a great RSPS and for inspiring me. General: To everyone who played with me or talked to me back then on all the other clients. I just wanted to say thank you for playing with me and or helping me out in the game. Now for all the newcomers I'm looking forward to meeting you guys and maybe playing or just chilling in the game hope to see everyone soon. Owners/Staff: Nick: I know we have had are ups in downs but everyone does. I just wanted to say thank you for all the good memories on here. All the funny times you messed up on a update and just f$$$ it all fix it later always gave me a good laugh. but I wanted to say thank you for the friendship and keep up the good work man. Slatum: I know we didn't talk to much but I remember you always being there to support, and helping nick out on making a great server. I always got a good laugh from you as well, and I know you already were but congratulations on the Owner title you definitely deserver it. All the Staff: Keep up all the great work everyone Awaken-PS is looking great like it always does. hope I get to meet every single one of you guys. Maybe make new good friendships with you to as well and have some good laughs. Conclusion: Feels good to be back on a friendly Server feels like home to me now Time to get back into the action see you all on Awaken-PS everyone. CryonicGas
  8. Seth for Admin 2018

    Hello Seth, I appreciate you taking the time to apply for a staff rank. At this time we are not looking for any new staff members as the server just re-released and we would like to see it grow first before accepting anyone new into the team. I'd encourage you to apply for a helper rank in the future, as we rarely accept anyone new as anything higher than a moderator for trust reasons. Looking forward to seeing you around the server.
  9. Seth for Admin 2018

  10. Seth for Admin 2018

    In-Game Name: Seth Rank Applying For : Admin How long have you been apart of Awaken? Early 2016 Timezone:Central Standard Personal Weaknesses: Career, i work over nights 11pm-8am and sleep around 4-10 Personal Strengths- Daytime and morning availability, Very knowledgeable of the server Why should we pick you over other applicants?I had a great reputation on this server in the past and plan to continue to provide awesome server support and knowledge to new players Have you ever been punished in-game? Not that i remember Any additional information? I take pride in my work enjoy being apart of a great community.
  11. My GRINGOS

    Welcome back supernova .... hope u did well in the army .... James
  12. My GRINGOS

    HELLLO MY GRINGOS!!!!! So after i was recruited to the army I AM FINALLY DONE!!!! Guess what. I AM BACK AGAIN WTF RIGHT?


    soon boys very soon hopefully
  15. pm me when your online and not busy


    Server will be ready soon boys!

    Join our discord to stay in the loop! Any updates on the servers status will be posted there first !

  19. It is time.

    Roughly how long until new server is online? Also could you please add me on discord to keep contact with me @Focus#2816
  20. It is time.

    thanks! me, and hopefully more players are looking forward to it! i have also done a helper application.
  21. It is time.

    New server is still under construction. We are still constructing it. Once its up we will be doing a lot more to make sure we don't have to go through this rough patch again.
  22. It is time.

    its now a month later than you promised. The server is still dead, no content released and the people who logg in, are dissapointed that there is nothing done. i would advise to do something really quick, cause the people i speak still enjoy the server.
  23. Keltic4Real Is Back Baby !

    damn been awhile, welcome back.
  24. Keltic4Real Is Back Baby !

    As Most Of You People Might Know, Keltic4Real The OG Is Back Babyyyy! Most Of You Old Old Players Know Me, I Hope To Be Seeing All Of You Guys In-Game. 😀
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