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      Questions/Concerns about Awaken   09/27/2017

      Everyone be sure to join our Discord, linked below, for all news related to the new Awaken, and we will be sure to answer any questions or concerns you guys may have. Side note, the current Awaken is still up and available to play but it could be somewhat difficult to get it working if you are not familiar with downloading the cache separately and inserting it in the proper location. CHARACTER FILES WILL NOT BE TRANSFERRED, THEREFORE ANY AND ALL PROGRESS MADE ON THE CURRENT SERVER WILL NOT BE TRANSFERRED TO THE NEW SERVER. You may play the current Awaken at your own discretion.
      We appreciate your patience thus far and are doing our very best to make Awaken great again!
      Awaken-Ps Staff Team https://discord.gg/kypkMbu
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11/20/16 Updates

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Donator Mbox added to Regular Mysterybox  (0.5% Chance per box) 


Added Bonus Drops to the following zones

  • Elfs
  • Fally Warriors
  • Bunnys
  • Pirate

Fixed a few current items that were having problems.


LPR added. You receive 2 LPR Per Hour and when you have 5 you may purchase a Epic star that contain a mix of items.



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1 hour ago, punisher said:

What kind of bonus drops? Thanks for the update

The current drops for the monsters received a "buff" Instead of our current drop system I added another one. 

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