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Trump vs Clinton

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I personally voted for Donald Trump. His policies on removing illegal immigrants from our country is in favor for America. I would rather have a president who has said some debatable things than a president who has solid evidence of possible murder cover up and who is full of lies. Donald Trump's salary, or so he stated, is $1 a year. He was offered $400,000 I believe.


Donald Trump does not want money, he doesn't even need to be president. He wants to be president because he truly wants to make the United States great again.


“I think I have to by law take $1, so I’ll take $1 a year,” Trump said. “But it’s a ― I don’t even know what it is. Do you know what the salary is?”

“$400,000 you’re giving up,” Stahl answered.

“No, I’m not gonna take the salary. I’m not taking it.”


Please note that this is my opinion, I will respect everyone's opinion on this thread, as politics are widely debatable.



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well clinton is accused of possible murder cover up indeed but trump has builded up everything he has right now by corruption and unpayed loans... i do agree getting rid of illegal immigrants is a good thing.


anyways if i'd be an american citizen i would have voted for trump aswell as he is not gonna put his nose in other bussiness and that's what clinton would do, spy on everyone and we would live in a cold war.

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Before anyone reads this: I'm not going to debate anyone, I've had enough of that at school and at home. These are just my opinions for the sake of conversation.

I voted for Hillary this election. I voted for Bernie in the primary, but that didn't work out (thanks, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz). I'm not nearly as liberal as Bernie and I don't love all of his policies, but I really wanted the new energy and lack of partisanship he brought to the table. The dissatisfaction with establishment politics that many Trump supporters feel is something I share, but I could not support Trump as a president.

I'm part of the camp that really doesn't see the whole email scandal as a big deal, especially when you take into consideration the fact that she isn't the first person to use a private server while in office and the fact that other administrations also delete thousands of emails. In addition, Mike Pence is currently suing to keep his emails from his governorship private. If that isn't the most ironic thing ever, I'm not sure what is. I just don't see Hillary as the evil person many others believe her to be. I can get into the whole topic of how she's held to a higher standard as a woman, but that's a different conversation entirely.

Since immigration is such a hot topic, here's my two cents. Being from California, I've grown up around a lot illegal immigrants. While I agree that it is illegal and should be stopped as much as possible, those who are here are almost all contributing members of society, not freeloaders. Without illegal immigrants who work in agriculture and textile industries for illegally low wages and poor working conditions, the industries would collapse due to a lack of labor. Many of these immigrants buy into medical programs, own driver's licenses, and pay income taxes. Removing these people will cause much more harm than good, so a pathway to citizenship is the optimal choice.

Donald can be wildly unpredictable, and no one really knows his true endgame. For years he's been a Democrat and has said he would run as a Republican because they are dumber. He made many wild promises on the campaign trail that he's started to go back on (thankfully). With this, and honestly a whole lot more, in mind, I have no idea what he'll really try to accomplish as president. I'd rather vote for someone who has set policies with real plans who will attempt to pursue those goals.

Aside from all that, I do have opinions on most areas of policy but I'm really sick of explaining it all. So much debating has happened this past year and I'm worn out.

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On 15-11-2016 at 7:11 PM, Spawn said:

I didn't vote. Neither of the candidates deserve the position. I miss Obama.

short but powerfull 

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