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  1. Ayyy those are dope!
  2. I lift a lot of food from my desk to my mouth.
  3. In-Game Name Date of Punishment Punishment Given Who Punished you? Were there any other staff members online? Explanation/Appeal: [No less than 100 characters] Photo evidence of dispute [If available] Use the format.
  4. Your Application has been accepted! Congratulations! /AcceptedApp /Locked
  5. ::customs or ::protector are your best bets.
  6. My punishment was not for nothing. Melee has a long history as a troll and as a person who is far too quick to become aggressive. Before muting him, I had been dealing with him over pm unsuccessfully. When I attempted to ignore him and hope he'd go away, he took it to yell. Oh, and 4P? I AM VOID.
  7. Your two yells. "See you guys in a couple months" and then Doesn't really sound like a joke to me.
  8. who
  9. Lmao "check out all the stuff I've made over the past years" >two things Jokes aside, the banner does look great.
  10. I didn't vote. Neither of the candidates deserve the position. I miss Obama.
  11. I'm excited already
  12. The only nub who ever refused all the help I offered. I'm glad you're back