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  1. poor af + ur nub 100% support
  2. Welcome to the server! Thank you for your generous support. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me whenever.
  3. Rich af
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  5. Auction over. The 4% trophy was sold to Hamurabi for 13q.
  6. Sweet! Can't wait. Thanks for working on awesome updates.
  7. Sorry for the lateness!
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  9. bump
  10. ::npclog tracks npcs until you log out
  11. I'm going to kill every worthwhile NPC 1000 times. I'll be posting my drop log every 1k kills. I've already started a bit of a log but I've decided to post all progress up to date as well. Bdayboss: 147 Lost Keys 165 Lost Chests 130 Nick Presents Rage: 15250 1B Tickets 8 Rage Pets 11 Refractors 2 Fremmy Cleavers 3 Starlights 4480 Frost Dragon Bones Care: 122 Care Packages Trailed: 1 Trailed Gloves 25600 1b Tickets (as drops + from liquidating complex keys and scroll boxes) Pretty unlucky overall Petzone:
  12. That gravedig though
  13. Not only do I agree, but I've said the same thing many times. It's easy to say "we need a new way to make money that's less boring than what exists" but actually coming up with a new npc with a new drop that doesn't cause harm to the eco while still providing players with a worthwhile reward is more difficult. Do you have any ideas beyond giving pirates a higher mystery box count chance?
  14. I'm going to try out a new event. If it works out well, maybe we'll host it every week. If it causes problems, we probably won't. How this event will work: Over the next week, people will vote on what item they want. On Saturday or Sunday, we will see which item has the most votes and put it up for auction in an in-game event. The auction will take place at 2PM PST. (You can use this website to find out what time that is for you > The exact rules for the auction will be as follows: 1) A minimum price will be set for the item chosen. 2) In a goodiebag style line, all interested bidders will bid on the item (This might get a little chaotic, if so we'll find a better method) 3) The person who bids the most will be the winner of the item chosen by the poll. Good luck and thanks for participating.
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