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  1. I've been working on my iron man for a while and I'm pretty happy about the ring of morphing I got not too long ago.
  2. That means you're banned. Fill out a ban appeal instead.
  3. I have an alternative idea for this that plays on something we were discussing in the chat. What if there is a standstill liquidator object that sits still at home. Say, every 5k kills or every 2k boss points (these are just examples) you "sell" to the totem, you're allowed to liquidate an additional tier of items. Say you start out at tier 1. That means anybody can liquidate the torva from mystery boxes. But you have to add 2k boss points in order to access tier 2, which could be things from ::serb, ::totodile, ::pirate, etc. Then for the higher tiers, you might have to sell actual bits of your killcount. 5k kills for the ability to liquidate trailed, demonic and legendary. Again, all the reqs are just examples. @Slatum @punisher @Atticus
  4. Beginner PVM Commands: ::imps (Get one of these, they pick up your drops) ::torvazone ::totodile ::starterzone (Can only go until 1500 kill count, so make the best of it.) ::apoc ::angry ::beastmaster ::cyanking (area is bugged at the moment) ::bosszone ::glace ::presents Medium PVM Commands: ::valgor ::care ::basher ::rage ::candy (requires 5000 kill count) ::bdayboss ::petzone ::evil Hard PVM Commands: ::trailed (Requires 25000 kill count) ::elfs ::lotus Minigame Commands ::scash ::ice Misc Commands ::home ::market (for player shops) ::vote ::auth-code (Example ::auth-123asdwe) ::claimd ::rankclaim ::points ::resettask ::slayergem Command-less Zones (requires teleport) Elite Carebysll's require an elite carebysll's summon from care packages at ::care Demonic Angels requires a tombstone transcription drop from ::trailed Dark Warriors are in Falador garden, you can access it through the city teleports in the magic book Normal Donor Commands ::bank ::dzone ::infpray ::cupgr ::storva ::dcare Super Donor Commands ::megazone ::fly ::settag ::yguide Sponsor Commands ::visit (to houses) Super Sponsor Commands ::pnpc ::sszone ::pshops
  5. I just listen to goats screaming mixed with a dubstep version of the spongebob squarepants intro on repeat 24/7
  6. oops
  7. Good. You're not. Duping isn't a forgivable offence. Denied.
  8. Sorry for the downtime
  9. I should win because I collect baby totodiles. 420 plox
  10. @Nick Fix houses noob
  11. Hopefully see you ingame soon =P
  12. That's actually pretty sweet
  13. How much time did you save there instead of typing "With what money? You're broke". It took me around 5 seconds to write that. @Cherrygod
  14. @Nick @Slatum do it noobs
  15. Gratz!