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  1. omg bb
  2. Sounds good. Thanks for your contributions.
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  4. poor af + ur nub 100% support
  5. Welcome to the server! Thank you for your generous support. If you have any questions, feel free to pm me whenever.
  6. Rich af
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  8. Auction over. The 4% trophy was sold to Hamurabi for 13q.
  9. Sweet! Can't wait. Thanks for working on awesome updates.
  10. Sorry for the lateness!
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  12. bump
  13. ::npclog tracks npcs until you log out
  14. I'm going to kill every worthwhile NPC 1000 times. I'll be posting my drop log every 1k kills. I've already started a bit of a log but I've decided to post all progress up to date as well. Bdayboss: 147 Lost Keys 165 Lost Chests 130 Nick Presents Rage: 15250 1B Tickets 8 Rage Pets 11 Refractors 2 Fremmy Cleavers 3 Starlights 4480 Frost Dragon Bones Care: 122 Care Packages Trailed: 1 Trailed Gloves 25600 1b Tickets (as drops + from liquidating complex keys and scroll boxes) Pretty unlucky overall Petzone:
  15. That gravedig though