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  1. Found your hidden message ;)

  2. 11/27/16 Updates

    and still no mac client.
  3. appeal

    obviously you got banned for abusing a bug and not for flaming i think the clean slate section would be the place to be
  4. A long lost soul has returned.

    ayee sup
  5. Xeon

    advertising is an unforgivable offence in my opinion gl anyways
  6. A Wild Imp Has Appeared!

    what u sayin bout ma mama?
  7. Awaken-Ps Mac Client

    aye thx
  8. Donation store

    well because selling items is in my opinion a good way of offering goods to donate for
  9. Donation store

    hmmm yeah well i havent played the new client yet as there is no mac client yet
  10. 11/20/16 Updates

    gj nick!
  11. Donation store

    if you don't want any pay to win you should remove the complete donation system as points also allow you to buy op shit
  12. Trump vs Clinton

    short but powerfull
  13. Donation store

    best torvas ingame some op weps random boxes cash ....
  14. Custom Points

    please try to post your suggestion in 1 post anyways.. adding a point system for killing hard-loot-bosses could be a good way of encouraging players to keep grinding
  15. ItzSatan

    welcome buddy! enjoy your stay!