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  1. I weight 56kg and I'm 19 years old and kinda tall. If I benchpress 90kg I might die but rip
  2. Good job, a commentary would be great like Slatum already stated
  3. oh no....
  4. Welcome back to Awaken.
  5. Brooooooooooooooooooo yes ofcourse little boiiii. seriously come back don't leave me alone with @Nick and @Slatum
  6. +1 I always love talking to you and spending time with you, also you're a good and helpfull staff. Good luck bro 100% support from my side
  7. Welcome back!
  8. Welcome back Hayden
  9. Nah, Nick you got sh*t twisted.

  10. Welcome to Awaken & to the forums! well we both know each other already , hope to see you around for a while.
  11. lazy motherf*****, +1 from even though i'm not that active in-game i heared from some people that you are really helpfull. Goodluck with your application.
  12. LoooooL if this is really you, Hellooo.
  13. Unfortunately your Application has been denied. You may apply again in two weeks. /DeclinedApp /Locked
  14. /locked until further notice.
  15. Juan first of all, stop replying to this thread like it would be a chat room, thanks. also i don't consider this as a joke because everyone knew pretty well what happend between us and Dreamscape. And the fact that you donated to the Server doesn't mean that you will recieve some special treatment within the server.