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  1. It wasn't that clever to publish a Boss if you don't even have anything that hits alot in Mage
  2. I agree to this when you will be adding it into the 1b ticket whore store, so it is actually gainable.
  3. Z
  4. Step number: 1 be me Step number: 2 spend your time on the internet Step number: 3 Get your own custom rank on Forums Step number: 4 create a post to show what kind of douchebag you're Step number: 5 be me
  5. 21, I want it so i can well it
  6. Even though we had our diffrences, I will support you due to how active you're. Goodluck dude
  7. sorry guys but I have to let you down, I talked with @Nick about it and whats been happening in my life latly. I hope to catch u guys sometimes ingame Thanks to everyone who stand by my side till today. And to the people who decided to talk shit about & at me (u know who you're) don't bother contacting me ever again, also am I disappointed at someone who I used to be cool with. Kind Regards @Ethan
  8. nvm I have no powers. /locked until further notice
  9. Let me see what I can do m8 <3
  10. lol why u don't got on <3

  11. The Winners are the following Players. 1. Robbie 2. Chaos 3. Verplex Congratz to everybody
  12. Hello Awaken-ps community, I will be hosting a giveaway because of my inactivity. I want you guys to feel better so lets do this. all you have to do to win this is comment down below why you should be picked as a winner and also type a number between 1-1000 the closest one's win! #1 Prize baby totodile #2 Prize prancing pug #3 Prize Blue party hat + 100t in cash Winners will be picked next upcoming sunday. good luck everyone Kind Regards @Ethan
  13. Hahahah awesome man thanks
  14. I love the one with Flames name just bcs of the music and how cringy it is lmao
  15. cya man hope to see you around again anytime