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  1. As I already told u @Nick here are 2 examples of them and a random ass youtuber userbar a cool as ex-staff one also the icon: Share your opinion with me, more to come sooner or later idk lets see.
  2. Hello buddy, I personally think that you didnt answer the questions properly or even spend your time on it. Your application doesn't look appealing to me and really rushed too, normaly I do not reply on staff applications but since you arent going for an ingame spot I will give you my opinion. (this doesnt mean I have something against you as a person). As of right now I dont actually believe we need a forum Administrator cause @Slatum coveres up my part of the job too which I couldnt fullfill anymore. anyways I wish you goodluck with your application. sincerely @Ethan
  3. Red would fit to the forum skin
  4. Why am I so dumb? U should add this to staff updates soon @Slatum @Nick
  5. @Nick owes me a hamburger
  6. operator ill no
  7. I'm gay

  8. Cya man, goodluck with reallife = D
  9. Mate the posting issue isn't from the forums or webhost, it has to do with the connection of your internet. I tryd it out.
  10. Hello my fellow community members :3 I'm baaack and ready to slay again, for those who don't know me I AM OG ETHAN, nah tbh I'm a completly dumbass and retard. I left due to reallife issues I got after my parents died on an car accident ( they died 2 years ago) since then I wasnt able to recover and all that I had left from my parents was my younger brother. I resigend like 2-3 months ago or even 4 months, since the drug abuse and alcohol abuse got me mad and the fact that my university gave me hard times just fucked the situation way more. Anyways I moved houses and got away from any sort of drugs, so I'm here to slay now. Best wishes to everyone. Looking forward to talk to everyone!
  11. Heck Yeah OG squaaad
  12. Noice Congratz all promoted, sad to see Kitten and Cherry resign, again thanks for serving as staff for this server. Bestin got demoted, cya I guess?
  13. Thanks guys I mean the thing is I left my city left my mom left my dad never felt so guilty since I wasnt able to see them again After I left my home to free my mind when i was only 17...
  14. So I was gone for alot of months after being with the community for 2 1/2 years which is a long ass time. Anyways I want to share something that describes my life...... I had Million Questions pinching inside of my skull Inside instincts insisted I invite you for a talk Remember raising questions as to what your biggest dreams were Your reply included me doing what I dream for And if it taught me something It's that anything can happen Any day can be the first Any day can be the last Any day can be the best and any day can make you hurt thats what I realized after loosing hope... Anyways this is a quick reminder, go fucking say thank you to your mom to your father to your brother or sister to anyone who's with you in life before you regret what you done like Iam right now.... Anyways stay fresh and safe
  15. It wasn't that clever to publish a Boss if you don't even have anything that hits alot in Mage