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  1. Keltic4Real Is Back Baby !

    damn been awhile, welcome back.
  2. Server?

    I got you on this one, I'll actually push Nick to do a formal post which explains stuff. He has some stuff irl which takes alot of time away as he told me. Sincerely, Ethan.
  3. Random Thought

    I see what you're doing 24/7. I already told ur ass to work harder smh
  4. New Forum Themes!

    Red would fit to the forum skin
  5. New Client + what to expect next?

    Why am I so dumb? U should add this to staff updates soon @Slatum @Nick
  6. The one the only...

    operator ill no
  7. Im going to rest a little

    Cya man, goodluck with reallife = D

    Hello my fellow community members :3 I'm baaack and ready to slay again, for those who don't know me I AM OG ETHAN, nah tbh I'm a completly dumbass and retard. I left due to reallife issues I got after my parents died on an car accident ( they died 2 years ago) since then I wasnt able to recover and all that I had left from my parents was my younger brother. I resigend like 2-3 months ago or even 4 months, since the drug abuse and alcohol abuse got me mad and the fact that my university gave me hard times just fucked the situation way more. Anyways I moved houses and got away from any sort of drugs, so I'm here to slay now. Best wishes to everyone. Looking forward to talk to everyone!
  9. Return

    Heck Yeah OG squaaad
  10. Staff Updates + Promotions 4/30/17

    Noice Congratz all promoted, sad to see Kitten and Cherry resign, again thanks for serving as staff for this server. Bestin got demoted, cya I guess?
  11. New Boss [Beta Mode]

    It wasn't that clever to publish a Boss if you don't even have anything that hits alot in Mage
  12. Item Liquidator

    I agree to this when you will be adding it into the 1b ticket whore store, so it is actually gainable.
  13. How to be a douche

    Step number: 1 be me Step number: 2 spend your time on the internet Step number: 3 Get your own custom rank on Forums Step number: 4 create a post to show what kind of douchebag you're Step number: 5 be me
  14. #4 "Guess The Number Event"

    21, I want it so i can well it