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  1. Solved. /Locked.
  2. Rank Given. /Locked.
  3. Nice goals, goodluck!
  4. Rank Given. /Locked.
  5. Your ban will not be lifted, as VPN voting is a serious offence. Every player that read the ::rules should know. /Locked
  6. /locked, he was given dicer rank but got demoted after.
  7. Rank Given. /Locked
  8. We demoted you as a Youtuber for a reason, could you figure out the reason?
  9. Your yell was being changed via vps so only @Nick or @Slatum could change it. /locked till further notice.
  10. Rank Given. /locked
  11. W
  12. /lock till further notice @Nick @Slatum @Spawn
  13. Hello players of Awaken-ps! Basically in this event all you have to do is to post a number ranging from 1-40. As easy as that! I will be using the random number generator to pick the winner. Prize: 1x Inferno set (gloves+boots) +200T Cash. Congratulations to @partyskiller, the number is 28. *Only 1 post per person & 1 number per person. event will end on 17th February GMT +8 22:00. **note* Only 1 winner* Goodluck all! Regards, Flame
  14. This topic has been locked. /Lock
  15. Your Application has been accepted! Congratulations! Welcome to the Staff Team. /AcceptedApp /Locked