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  1. Seth for Admin 2018

  2. New Client | Coming Soon!

    Looking forward to the new client, thank you slatum for working really hard to push things out.
  3. archery tickets

    Nice idea, i do agree on 1-10 droprate of it.
  4. Emilytvrp's sponser rank

    /Locked, rank given.
  5. Staff Updates + Promotions 4/30/17

    Congrats to all who got promoted.
  6. Saitamaa's Sponsor Rank

    /Locked, rank given.
  7. Cracked Super Sponsor

    Please edit your post, photographic evidence is needed before I can give you your rank.
  8. nea0wns super sponsor rank

    /Locked, rank given.
  9. Mathy for Super Donor 2017

    /Locked, rank given. Saw you ingame with the rank.
  10. Awaken-ps Future guides coming soon [OLD]

    Sounds great, let me know if you need help on any guides.
  11. Awaken-Ps Fashion Show

    Hello players of Awaken-Ps! This event is all about FASHION! Any kind of fashion. Theme: Skill. I'm looking at the BEST skilling outfit. I will be organising a Awaken-Ps Fashion Show. Exciting prizes to be won. 1st Place : 2Q Cash 2nd Place: 1Q Cash 3rd Place : 1x Silver Sickle + 200T Cash 1st Place: @Verplex , love that you put in quite abit of afford in choosing your outfit. (Prize given) 2nd place: @saitama , love the choice of your outfit 3rd place: @callmemoo , standard skilling outfit for newbs <3 Post up your entries using either tinypic or Slatum's Photo Upload Guide. Every player is ONLY entitled to 1 Post. Dateline of the event will be on 1st May 2017. (GMT+8, 11pm) Goodluck guys, show your inner diva or fashionista. Regards, @Flame
  12. Normal Donator rank

    Rank Given. /Locked.
  13. [Best] appeal

    Well, I didn't expect that you will do stuff like that mate. I'm quite disappointed honestly. Thread Locked until further notice.
  14. Introduction : Hardownzz

    Welcome back mate, hope to see you around ingame.