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  1. Full support from me, all the best mate.
  2. Your Application has been accepted! Congratulations! /AcceptedApp /Locked
  3. Hello players of Awaken-Ps! This event is all about FASHION! Any kind of fashion. Theme: Take a chill pill, be cool, be who you are. I will be organising a Awaken-Ps Fashion Show. Exciting prizes to be won. 1st Place : 1x XX13(V) 2nd Place: 1x Normal Donor ticket 3rd Place : 1x Silver Sickle Post up your entries using either tinypic or Slatum's Photo Upload Guide. Every player is ONLY entitled to 1 Post. Dateline of the event will be on 1st April 2017. Goodluck guys, show your inner diva or fashionista. Regards, @Flame ty @hasty
  4. Welcome to the server man, hope to enjoy your stay!
  5. Sweet! Looks pretty dope.
  6. Thank you for the feedback
  7. Rank Given. /Locked
  8. Looking forward to see if the droprates are really working or not.
  9. Currently, pirates do have rare ticket drop of 100 1b tickets and we do have 1:25k random drop of poison gem, pet, 25k 1b tix etc. I won't agree to having pirates drops more than 10-100 or 1-500 mboxes at a time, but increasing it to 5-10 seems reasonable. Indeed it's rather easy to kill pirates which makes sense to not have them drop 10-100 or 1-500 mboxes at once. If they do drop 10-100, the price of mboxes & donator mboxes will most likely drop in price and no one would bother killing them as you won't profit as much. And for non-donators, you can get quite a good amount of ckeys from ::evil. I believe most of them should know. I believe nick and slatum are working on new zones as soon as the upcoming update is done. Regards, Flame
  10. Your appeal have been reconsidered by the staff team and it have been accepted. You will be unbanned within the next 24 hours. However, ALL of your donator points will be wiped out totally. That said, if you does VPN voting again it will be permanent ban. Regards, Staff Team /Locked
  11. Thanks for the updates on the upcoming updates.
  12. You used VPN to play or vote?
  13. This topic has been locked. /Lock
  14. This topic has been locked. /Lock
  15. Welcome to awaken-ps! Hope you enjoyed your stay here.