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  1. Looking forward to the new client, thank you slatum for working really hard to push things out.
  2. Nice idea, i do agree on 1-10 droprate of it.
  3. /Locked, rank given.
  4. Congrats to all who got promoted.
  5. /Locked, rank given.
  6. Please edit your post, photographic evidence is needed before I can give you your rank.
  7. /Locked, rank given.
  8. /Locked, rank given. Saw you ingame with the rank.
  9. Sounds great, let me know if you need help on any guides.
  10. Hello players of Awaken-Ps! This event is all about FASHION! Any kind of fashion. Theme: Skill. I'm looking at the BEST skilling outfit. I will be organising a Awaken-Ps Fashion Show. Exciting prizes to be won. 1st Place : 2Q Cash 2nd Place: 1Q Cash 3rd Place : 1x Silver Sickle + 200T Cash 1st Place: @Verplex , love that you put in quite abit of afford in choosing your outfit. (Prize given) 2nd place: @saitama , love the choice of your outfit 3rd place: @callmemoo , standard skilling outfit for newbs <3 Post up your entries using either tinypic or Slatum's Photo Upload Guide. Every player is ONLY entitled to 1 Post. Dateline of the event will be on 1st May 2017. (GMT+8, 11pm) Goodluck guys, show your inner diva or fashionista. Regards, @Flame
  11. Rank Given. /Locked.
  12. Well, I didn't expect that you will do stuff like that mate. I'm quite disappointed honestly. Thread Locked until further notice.
  13. Welcome back mate, hope to see you around ingame.
  14. Congratulations to the winners of Awaken-Ps Fashion Show 1st Winner- @mathy 2nd Winner - @saitama 3rd Winner- @Jon1388 do look for me if you are online.
  15. Full support from me, all the best mate.