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  1. what a douche bag lmao.. youtuber doing dumb shit lol
  2. well i came and conqured i got rich and 50k npc kills in 1 month which is pretty good, reason im leaving: got shiz to do, got court and opening me fish and chip shop. so gotta focus elsewhere. i was ip banned for 1 year, then came back, restarted got sweet progress i wouldnt of made that much progress if i didnt like the game, to my mates petergriffin and bestinbedlol u guys know u are my boys what can i say since day dot i knew yous and u 2 were top guys funny cunts - noobs yall got some weird brains and will miss it, but will see yas on the flip side. nick and slatum even though u 2 ip banned me for 1 year you guys are great, made a great game, good coding and ect and soz slatum couldnt be here to give u advice or be your notepad bitch. but oh well forward u dare come to my fish an chip shop ill be cookin u week old fish anyways enjoy the game, and keep onto the updates. peace;brendon
  3. cash stack looks photo shopped 0.0
  4. lel what a app
  5. very good thinking nick
  6. i wasnt telling it was a suggestion, for all inactive staff whats the point, shit i got a kid and stuff but i find a way to get on at night, and i still doing everything during the day i have an active life style and still play, anyway ill stop before u ban me peace
  7. but ya gotta come on longer then half hourh at a time otherwise that aint much help at all and thats what staff are for to help, not come on once every couple days for half hourh
  8. simple, need to rethink about staff, on how active and inactive they are, theres a few staff that are hardly on and when they are on the on for 1 hourh or so then they are gone, that isnt much help, like arya, shes a nice person, but since shes gotten helper, shes never on, that was a positions wasted, you need to keep onto the staff if they arent active or dont want to play, they are not worthy of this game. and dont deserve mod. like currently, there are 8+ people on need help, no staff available, dont hate on me- or do. idrc im just saying the truth,
  9. with the boss point store, dont add donator points. enough ways to get them already, but rest of it sounds good, and yea pvp id give that a shot
  10. yea that sounds good, first in first out, make it more comptetion
  11. with better looking aswell agreed
  12. skip- 4
  13. 22
  14. 17 and 50
  15. sounds good