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  1. Reintroducing KC Requirements/Re-Vamping zones

    Hmm, the carepackage revamp is a nice idea, but it's been highly suggested, no change whatsoever. (Sadly) And those KC's for the changes are too high, Elves maybe 1-2k, trailed is good enough as it is, a lot of people don't even have 25k KC yet.
  2. Tell me your hobbies, interested in hearing about them. Mine is boxing 

    1. Atticus


      You guys are talkative lol

    2. StainGang
  3. Ignore system

    Well, after seeing a few immature people argue over stupid stuff. This came to mind -Ignore system - New commands added, ::ignore (player name) and ::ignorelist (Shows you who is on your list) (Just a quick suggestion, nothing big)
  4. Ironman Week 3

    WEEK 2 -Donator points - 274 -Droprate - 45% -Npc Kills - 11203 -Petzone points - 77 Armour set up: Most of my bank: Still trying to get my liq and a pet >_>
  5. More ways to make money for Non Donors.

    That new "box" you just bring up^ idea is amazing, would rather a box that gives goods at a 1:250+ droprate chances, instead of 10 mystery boxes every 3-5 kills. (Worst drop from it could be 1-2 donator mboxes, since the droprate is 1:250+ or even the old fashion 1b tickets) New items maybe? we never know, would honestly give the server a wider variety of things to do. (::Pirates for the starters, that 1:250box for the semi rich / rich guys)
  6. Ironman Week 3

    WEEK 1 -Donator points - 1440-Droprate - 38%-Npc Kills - 8222And well, here's my bank (ATM) Will change a lot over the next week.
  7. Ironman Week 3

    Here we go! I've been playing on my Ironman for a bit and i've decided to start updating this every week. I haven't been on all week, I was fairly busy and I got no progress whatsoever. i'll be posting updates on this every week, stay tuned for more. vvvvv For other weeks.
  8. Archery tickets

    Hmm, I was thinking with this new boss coming out in which they have a second form which you can only mage it, and well the archery ticket shop is kind of too dry.. - Change Archery tickets into something else (if you wish to keep them, that's fine) - Add some type of staff that does damage like the Elite bow (Elite staff) - Costs 80000 tickets - Elite armour ? (Boots/Gloves/Legs/Plate/Helm) Costing 25000 tickets each - Droids into a seperate zone? ::Droids - Make Yoda the salesmen for Archery tickets (I keep seeing him there, he literally has no purpose whatsoever) - Droids can have a rare reward of Archery tickets 50-250 (1:300) Feel free to drop your opinions.
  9. New Boss [Beta Mode]

    You never know, they could have something planned.
  10. New Boss [Beta Mode]

    Erm, how are we gonna kill 3mill hp while we have like.. nothing that hits high with mage. We're all gonna be hitting 35's with barrages lezgo
  11. Suggestion for everyone

    We should start using this forums more actively! Let's start by.. - Making droplogs (People like looking at this type of stuff, it motivates people to PvM more) - Set goals / post about it. - Post more (Interact with others frequently) - Meet new people - Assemble an active forums team - Making guides (New players would start using the forums for these) - Update the guides (Obvious reasons) - Advertise the forums more often in game (Let people know what's going on) I want this community to grow honestly, we should start doing this more often, it takes only little effort. If you have anymore ideas, let me know.
  12. Is this possible?

    If I could take one of my accounts ranks off Brxtt (super sponsor) and throw it onto my Ironman, taking the donation value cut down short by 50%? Making it a sponsor, I had to ditch one of my super sponsors for this Iron man journey, and I feel like this is now just a waste of a super sponsor. Would enjoy it if I could get away with this.
  13. Rank request x2...

    Ingame name: Atticus Forums name: Atticus Rank applying for: Super sponsor Evidence: l o l ^
  14. Item Liquidator

    This will surely boost most of the items that are liqable right now, everyone is saying the price of an item is the price of the liq, this should not be the case. The items should always be more than the liq, let's be honest. I really like this idea, but what Punisher said. Making liquidators non-tradeable doesn't stop others from liqing others items. (They will just trade the item to the other person, they'll liq and give the cash) But yes, you should really do this, way too many tickets are coming into the economy. (lower all the liq prices or make the liquidator way harder to get)
  15. Server Issues

    I was about to go to bed then I read "stay awake"