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  1. I'll probably start posting some of my achievements every week.
  2. If I could take one of my accounts ranks off Brxtt (super sponsor) and throw it onto my Ironman, taking the donation value cut down short by 50%? Making it a sponsor, I had to ditch one of my super sponsors for this Iron man journey, and I feel like this is now just a waste of a super sponsor. Would enjoy it if I could get away with this.
  3. Well, i've currently just started an ironman named "Zazu", and my goal for this account is. -Above 80 droprate -50k+ npc kills, or even more while I progress. -Become the #1 Ironman (obvious goal is obvious) -Any good pets, sszone pet / demonic angel.
  4. uhhhh Z??? Can someone lock this now x d
  5. This will surely boost most of the items that are liqable right now, everyone is saying the price of an item is the price of the liq, this should not be the case. The items should always be more than the liq, let's be honest. I really like this idea, but what Punisher said. Making liquidators non-tradeable doesn't stop others from liqing others items. (They will just trade the item to the other person, they'll liq and give the cash) But yes, you should really do this, way too many tickets are coming into the economy. (lower all the liq prices or make the liquidator way harder to get)
  6. I was about to go to bed then I read "stay awake"
  7. Just another few suggestions. * Slayer REVAMP * We need more slayer masters, when you are 10th prestige with 135 slayer, he no longer gives elite tasks. * Easy slayer tasks / Droids / Presents / Crackers / Spongebob's / Luigi's / Torva's from ::torvazone * Medium slayer tasks / Valgor / ::asg / ::frog / ::seatroll / ::normal / ::glace / ::beastmaster * Hard slayer tasks / ::Rage / ::evil / ::care / ::basher / ::elfs / ::candy * ELITE tasks, should be sponsor+ * Elite slayer tasks / ::dzone / ::megazone / ::trailed / Elite cares / ::cupgr / Dark warriors / SS monsters * If they don't have teleports for elite cares, enough kills for ::trailed, etc. This is why they have the ::visit command. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * Mboxes should be able to be one clicked to be AUTO opened, some people don't have auto clickers, this is really time consuming and kills your fingers.
  8. Well.. I would agree but.. on the downside, we don't have a lot of members who are active / on the forums. There wouldn't be much competition for those rewards considering there isn't much active forum members.
  9. I couldn't post this in bugs, since I don't have "permission" to do so. So I just put this here.
  10. When you're trying to collect a lot of customs this happens.. <-- Before I put in my items from my inv <-- After I put my items from my inv The items disappear, but then after you take out a few items, the items reappear.
  11. * The bank is getting really annoying. (You can't organize anything, it doesn't stick when you close your bank tab, it just goes back to the way it was before.) * Someone should make a guide on how to get max droprate, and an updated starter guide. (I might do these, in the mean time I can't be able) * Update the commands for ::commands, add all of the NPC teleports. (It's really outdated)
  12. Ehh not much people make goals so.. here are my goals for in game. * 100q cash stack (Will take awhile, but i'll try and complete it) * 100,000 npc kills on both of my accounts (Atticus and Brxtt) * Max droprate on both accounts (64 and 58) * An organized bank and a lot of collectables * ONE of the richest people ingame * Trusted dicer rank
  13. This would making PvMing annoying, people who grind certain places for hours (like myself) would be there for a while, not giving any others a chance to get there. (Unless you had something else in mind) How about something like a multi-zone boss. * There is only one * 5-10m hp (Multiple people attacking one boss) * Most damage gets the loot
  14. Elephant
  15. So you say a color / animals name, you're gonna use the last letter of that word and connect it. Examples Dog Green Narwhale Elephant I'll start with Red