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  1. great job cove road to 5k elf kills loot lol
  2. In-Game Name:TheForward Rank Applying For: Helper How long have you been apart of Awaken?: Got to have been at least a year now Timezone:GMT London Personal Weaknesses:None Really Personal Strengths:I never sleep so im used to being online all the time at least 12+ hours aday without fail Why should we pick you over other applicants?:since i decided to return ive noticed alot of times where there was no staff online and on occasions people decided to miss behave and im always online and helping people as much as i can when i can and i always say if u need any help msg me aand stuff and say hello to new people and usually 99% of the time give free items to them to help them out ave you ever been punished in-game?nope not that i know of Any additional information?i know in the past when i resigned i couldnt stop thinking about awaken every time i turned my computer on i seen the client on my desktop and i finally gave in and returned... the reason why i left a couple months ago is because i had alot of issues irl to help sort but they are gone now so im back for good and i wanna help out like i was before and due to my time zone alot of staff in other time zones are either asleep or working/school so if you dont agree with me applying for this after not even a week of me being back then i dont mind if u -1 me nothing will change between us as long as u let me know why u -1 so i can improve it Bring on awaken 2.4 2017 boiisss Theforward
  3. hi everyone just like to say ive decided i might aswell return for a while to see how everything is getting on and see how everyone is .... i thought it was ment to be 2.0 but its 2.3 wtf did nick/slatum do but yehh ive decided id come back and help out as much as i did before again i hope everyone remembers me if u see me ingame give me a hello and ill reply so yehh i said before and ill say it again u cant get rid of me that easily theforward