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  1. i agree there ethan thats what i was just thinking
  2. yes do it dooo ittt noowwwwww
  3. Right Decided to make another guide For Yell Colour Change For Donator+ First of All u will need to do ::yguide to get a book If You open the book u should see this To Start I Suggest You Adding Killcount To Your Yell Using ::toggleykills as it will make it easier If Not Skip to part 2 I also suggest Before u do part 1 If you are To ::checkyell Part 1. To Change Killcount Colour Do the command ::changecolor1 And You will see this each time u enter that command Type this as many times as you desire to find your colour your wanting For Killcount After Proceed to part 2 below Part 2. To Change Name and title Colour Do the Command ::changecolor2 And You Will See This each Time You Enter That Command Type this as many times as you desire to find your colour your wanting For Name And Title After Proceed to part 3 below Part 3. To Change Text Colour Do the Command ::changecolour3 And You Should See This Each Time You Enter That Command Type this as many times as you desire to find your colour your wanting For Text Colour After You Should be done Then Type ::checkyell to see your desired Yell colours I hope you all enjoyed this guide if you have anything to add reply to this guide or pm me on here or ingame thank you and enjoy@theforward
  4. Firstly this money making method is only for donator+ Today i will show you how to make money Liquidating Optimus Torva Armour Liquidation at ::dzone And Dragon Torva (g) At ::MegaZone At ::Dzone And ::Megazone There Are monsters called Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz's they are what we are focusing on today The plane-freezers at ::dzone Have 125k Health >> And ::Megazone 275k health >> They Drop The items That Will Make You Cash And How u Make Cash Is When U Get The Drop These Are What The Drops look like (random armour pieces) Optimus Torva Plate Legs >>> And Dragon Torva (g) >>> Then You Will Need A Item Liquidator U Can Get This From other Players Or As A Drop From Either A Normal Sponsor 1.25k Random drop Or Teamboss Then You Right Click the Liquidator Then Press USE Then Click the Armour piece You Should Get Optimus Torva Pieces 50000 1bill tokens Dragon Torva G 80000 1bill tokens Any Piece of Each Set Should Liquidate For the Price Above And There Is The Guide To Make Money For donator+ Rank If You Think Anything Should be added or changed hit Me up in either Pms Or ingame Enjoy @theforward
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  7. congratulations to everyone particapating in this event i will host events in the future or sponsor them theforward
  8. thanks Nice updates Theforward
  9. great job cove road to 5k elf kills loot lol
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