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  1. Happy With The New Me Onwards and Upwards

    Awaken 2017

  2. just an update for my recent inactivity ive been very ill been doctors twice in 2 days my head is banging with constant headaches and been sick like 12 times in 2 days ill be back normal in a couple days just trying to take alot of rest and taking it easy and slow atm sorry guys hope u accept my applogy love ya all James AKA Theforward
  3. bumping to get this noticed again
  4. welcome back bro hope your doing good
  5. i do agree 1-10 would be better
  6. i muted you for a 1 hour for disrespecting staffs decisions i asked you to not use caps as its annoying i asked you without no trouble to stop and u replyed with your like hitlers child so i muted you then u chose to logout and not deal with your mute so thats why u havent been unmuted theforward
  7. thanks slatum and thanks for the promotion ... sad to see some of the resignations but we shall live on and do the best we can gl everyone theforward
  8. +1 your online like 27 hours aday 8 days aweek your never offline , your always helping when u can and you like busting afkers at seatroll keep it up theforward
  9. Awaken-PS 135lvl Lamp Guide Step 1. Buying a 135 lamp from the 1B Tickets Shop for 1T At ::market Step 2. Rub the Lamp , it should say in chat "Redeem the lamp. You Now Have 1 to claim". Step 3. Type ::lampids to view Skills IDs Or 0-attack 1-defense 2-strength 3-hitpoints 4-ranged 5-prayer 6-magic 7-cooking 8-woodcutting 9-flething 10-fishing 11-firemaking 12-crafting 13-smithing 14-mining 15-herblore 16-agility 17-thieving 18-slayer 19-farming 20-runecrafting Step 4 . Select a skill and type ::lamp id . EXAMPLE > ::lamp 3 Step 5. You Should be 135 in that skills. Hope You Enjoyed The Guide +1 Rep So I Can Do More Guides Like This The Forward
  10. .
  11. Awaken-ps. I Decided To Do this Event To Celebrate The Recent Promotions And To Say Thank You For The Recent Departures Of Some Staff Members Kitten , Cherrygod , Morazi All WonderFull For What The Have Done To Make The Server A Success In There Time As Staff And To Also Celebrate The Promotions Of Me ,Hasty , Do3a So Basically in this event all you have to do is to post a number ranging from 1-1000. A Random Number Generator Will Be Used To Pick The Winners. Prize: 1st Place 2q Cash , 2nd Place 1.5q Cash , 3rd place 750t Cash *Up to 6 post per person* (1post every 24hrs) & 1 number per person per post. The More Entries The Higher Your Chance at winning event will end on 20th May 2017 1month Event **note* There will be 3 winners* Gooooood Luck Theforward
  12. +1 this app since i returned youve been online alot and been around to help and your a good person to talk to keep it up Theforward
  13. Hello Everyone Welcome To The Beginner Guide Right You're Probably Here Because You Dont Know Where To Start Well You're In luck 1. Right First Of When You've Picked Your Username and Password You will login and See This Screen Click The Yellow Text if you do or don't decide To read the text First Then it will show you this Click The Regular One Then You're Set To start Next You will see items on the right side of your screen Put These items on down below Looking Boss Already right next up i recommend You opening the carepackages And (lite) Cares The Green And Blue items Like So Down Below Right next up You wanna run north so upwards To the bank and bank you're items Then i suggest Taking out the Crystal Keys and Mysteryboxes Click All the mysteryboxes you can spam click them they should send items to bank then use the crystal keys on the chest located here in the bank Then Go into your bank and get Your Beginner Liquidator out and liquidate any torva items you recieved Then Click the Beginner Liquidator and Click any item It will turn it into 1b Tokens After you've liquidated your bank take out any remaining 1b tokens from it You Should have about 2000-3000+ Next type ::market And come here i recommend buying either a kiritos Blade(reccomended) or Death Soul Eater Equip what ever item You Bought Then Go back To bank And Get Your Frost Dragon bones From in Your Bank And use Them on this Altar Till Your Level 92+ prayer So u Can use Soulsplit or protect from melee then Type ::StarterBoost like so which will mean you recieve Double Exp Double Custom Points and awaken points And You will also Recieve a 5% Droprate Boost For 15 mintues Next Up Type ::Train You Will end up here I recommend killing the chickens till You're a certain level of Awesomeness Then i recomment you killing Then Go To ::totodile kill these Things Till You get totodile Gear And Then You're Set Pretty Much As That Gear is good for starting Then If You're ingame Message Me and ill get you sorted for the next steps in life on Awaken-PS i also Recommend You Get 5000 Npc Kills To Go To ::elfs which will make You Some Cash Message Me ingame @theforward Hope To See You Around The Forward A +1 Rep Would Be Nice To See You Like It And It Will Help Me Do More Guides In The Future
  14. Hello Guys right first off ive been thinking and planning guides im planning on creating in the comingdays/weeks 1. The hidden Rank Guide This Guide Will Show Off Hidden Ranks like Youtuber, Veteran, And Many more You Can Earn 2. Beginner guide & Beginner Money making This Guide People Have wanted and its needed which this guide is one im working to impress 3. Medium Player Guide & Medium Money making This Guide Will Help The Inexperienced players of awaken Become Better 4. Hard Guide & Hard Money making This Guide will be for the big boys The experienced Awaken players 5. Droppotential% Guide This is a guide we all need at the moment as the update is farely new 6.IronMan Guide 7. Update And add new Drops To the Droprate Guide These Are the guides im planning to make soon so stay tuned if you have any suggestions for guides Message Me ingame or on here TheForward