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  1. Stuck on finding event ideas

    maybe a loyalty point event where the most person with the most loyalty points in a week wins top 3 get a decent reward
  2. Stuck on finding event ideas

    right im stuck on the next event ideas anyone got any can u share them as im really stuck on what to do james
  3. im still here fixing irl problems sorry guys love ya all

  4. Awaken-PS Guess The Number Event (2)

    This topic has been locked. /Lock
  5. Awaken-ps. Ive Decided To Do this event to give back for my recent inactivity So Basically in this event all you have to do is to post a number ranging from 1-1000. A Random Number Generator Will Be Used To Pick The Winners. Prize: 1st Place 3q Cash , 2nd Place 2q Cash , 3rd place 1.5q Cash *Up to 6 post per person* (1post every 24hrs) & 1 number per person per post. The More Entries The Higher Your Chance at winning event will end on 30rd June 2017 1month Event **note* There will be 3 winners* Gooooood Luck Theforward
  6. just to update everyone sorry for my recent inactivity i receved some really bad news the other day which i do not wish to discuss i hope you all understand i shall be taking a few more days off to clear my head and to come to terms with the news dont hate me love u all James
  7. Happy With The New Me Onwards and Upwards

    Awaken 2017

  8. sorry for recent inactivity

    just an update for my recent inactivity ive been very ill been doctors twice in 2 days my head is banging with constant headaches and been sick like 12 times in 2 days ill be back normal in a couple days just trying to take alot of rest and taking it easy and slow atm sorry guys hope u accept my applogy love ya all James AKA Theforward
  9. Awaken-PS Guess The Number Event (2)

    bumping to get this noticed again
  10. The one the only...

    welcome back bro hope your doing good
  11. archery tickets

    i do agree 1-10 would be better

    i muted you for a 1 hour for disrespecting staffs decisions i asked you to not use caps as its annoying i asked you without no trouble to stop and u replyed with your like hitlers child so i muted you then u chose to logout and not deal with your mute so thats why u havent been unmuted theforward
  13. Staff Updates + Promotions 4/30/17

    thanks slatum and thanks for the promotion ... sad to see some of the resignations but we shall live on and do the best we can gl everyone theforward
  14. helper application

    +1 your online like 27 hours aday 8 days aweek your never offline , your always helping when u can and you like busting afkers at seatroll keep it up theforward