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  1. 4 beyb
  2. Ill pick number 21
  3. yay ty slatum
  4. I wanna start to rebuild and it's my birthday on Feb 12 Hey flame missed me? 124 for the number -Dragonlord
  5. show the pics bro it'll be easier
  6. Will do next time give me a suggestion on what you guys would like to see next?
  7. If you guys got any request videos for me to make just ask I'll try to comply as soon as possible
  8. Hey Guys Dragonlord here again with a new vid! To end the year and to celebrate Nick's birthday, I decided to open 5 terror boxes Enjoy! Even if I did lose some cash, its all worth the fun I get Happy Birthday bro stay strong! Youtube vid:
  9. My goal for 2017 in Awaken is to help every newbie that joins awaken hopefully be worthy of helper and enjoy new content that you and Nick will come up with. My goal for 2017 in life is to be healthier and more athletic Stay strong awaken ill always be here
  10. Hi guys! I wanted to make a video opening some mystery donator boxes and thanks to a certain guy who sponsored the box opening, it happened. Big thanks to TheForward for sponsoring this video Youtube link is:
  11. +1 Forward has helped many players including me. He's really helpful and I see him most of the time I play He's respectful and a fun guy and even gives tips to newbies
  12. +1 i was with him when he lost it
  13. Hi Staff!, I would like to ask permission to do give away to newbie players. Contents of the give-away are dragon (g), candy cane rapiers, candy cane offhands, and 500t in cash but split into bundles of 50t-100t. Reason for doing the event: I received a lot of help since I returned. I would really like to help other players too. Making money in-game is hard without a good weapon or gear or starting cash to even purchase anything. Through my event, I can help players grow in the server more. So Staff please approve my request.