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  1. Sorry for the short downtime! [Est. 10 minutes] at 3:00 AM central timezone.
  2. I will work on fixing this with nick.
  3. I will remove all previous custom tags from our end.
  4. can u check my appeal for ban please?


  5. So for those of you who don't know the story behind the item liquidator, It is an item that you can use on your items to change it into tickets. Basically a personal shop for items that you do not want. After doing some thinking, I had to idea to make Item liquidators untradable. Why? Think of it this way. You go to a buffet for dinner. You buy one ticket, which grants you unlimited food. You then invite all your friends to come and eat with you, and you get them all plates of food, that they did not pay for. Is this right? From a business standpoint, it is not at all. I think this is the same as the item liquidator. I think it is an item you should have to pay for. We can put it in the 1b shop for a high amount, because it is truly an OP item that is flooding the economy with tickets. If people are liquidating other peoples items, it defeats the purpose of having more than one in game, reducing the price of it severely. If anyone can go up to someone and ask to liquidate their items, what is the point of owning one? And how will that effect the economy? Opinions welcomed.
  6. This has been taken care of. Locked.
  7. I will be able to assist you once you make an official forums account. I have your password ready for you.
  8. We are aware of the problems going on with the server, and we are working hard to fix them. We will be hosting events due to our mistakes. Stay Awake.
  9. Before we do this, a lot will have to be done to prevent dupes and such.
  10. 3.0

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      woo another awesome update in coming c:

  11. Solid work!
  12. Dang man. I hope you can fix it, will miss seeing you in game!
  13. smh now i have to find a new notepad bitch But on the real, take it easy man. I hope things buff out for you.
  14. I am actually going to remove the 9tails model because I completely agree.
  15. So something that I have always had on my mind, the way we present bossing. Every zone has 20+ npc's for everyone. Literally anyone can kill anything at any time, which is not a bad thing; but would you guys be interested in some exclusive "one spawn" bosses where only one person can kill them at a time?