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  1. I weigh 500 pounds and i currently can't lift myself out of bed
  2. I am pleased to announce that you have earned the title of a YouTuber. Congratulations, and keep up the hard work!
  3. I would really like to see you grow as a YouTuber. I recommend trying out voice commentaries, even if they are just little intros to start out!
  4. I'm a big fan of Cory in the House
  5. I really like the blue sword
  6. Nothing at all, welcome back!
  7. It wasn't me I swear it was chef. nick please don't demote me
  8. We had our differences but I don't think anyone has anything against you.
  9. It looks like you were purposely trying to lose it.
  10. Welcome to the Family! Hope you enjoy Awaken!
  11. Your Application has been accepted! Congratulations! /AcceptedApp /Locked
  12. Holy smokes. I love you.
  13. This is a new advertisement banner that I made for 2.0. This will go on voting websites, etc. 2.5 days to make (mainly because of work) 12 seconds long.
  14. It seems as you are pretty knowledgeable on this subject, but I would wait and ask for @Nick before you do this.