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  1. Here are the updates I have done so far to the new Client! Added Tweening Tweening in RSPS terms means smoother animations. Toggling this on and off, you will see a major difference in how things flow! Added Client JFrame This JFrame will allow you to quickly access our Forums, donation page, vote, support page, event page, Guides, and will also allow you to toggle different features. (Such as Tweening, and Fog). This JFrame will also allow you to take instant screenshots of your client, and also there is an option to go directly to where the image was saved! Removed the player level when right clicking Strictly because it is irrelevant, and it simply cleans stuff up a bit. Commands Instead of typing :: to enter a command, you are now able to use ;;. Both options are there, and both options will be available! EX: ;;home and ::home
  2. Feel better soon!
  3. Why
  4. test
  5. Welcome back, brother. Glad to see you are on your feet again. Message me on skype, we can start talking about stuff.
  6. It's been a while since I've done one of these, though I would do some announcements. Demotions: @bestinbedlol has been demoted from Moderator Resignations: @Cherrygod has resigned as Head Moderator @Kitten has resigned as Community Manager @Morazi Has resigned as Moderator Promotions: @Xtremeg0d has been promoted to Streamer Staff Updates: @theforward has been promoted to Community Manager @Do3a has been promoted to Moderator @hasty has been promoted to Moderator @Bryan has been promoted to Helper @oromis has been promoted to Helper @Spawn has resigned as Co-Owner, but has taken the position of Staff Manager We are truly supportive of the two individuals who resigned at their positions. We thank them for their hard work and dedication. Congrats to all who were promoted, and we are disappointed that someone had to be demoted.
  7. When you Donate, depending on the amount that you donate, you may be granted a chance for X2 by rolling a pair of dice. This is a standard dice, that YOU will roll, not the staff member. Owners & Community Managers are the ONLY staff members who can grant you a roll. Moderators and Helpers can vouch for donations. Your reward for winning or losing a X2 Roll will ALWAYS be given in Scrolls. Example, we will not give you another $300 cape, but we will give you $300 in Scrolls. $5 Scroll - No Roll $10 Scroll - No Roll $25 Scroll - One Roll, $5 Losing Bonus $50 Scroll - One Roll, $10 Losing Bonus Jolteon Pet - One Roll, NO Losing Bonus Camo Dye - One Roll, $5 Losing Bonus Elite Bow Set - One Roll, $10 Losing Bonus Perfect Necklace - One Roll, $10 Losing Bonus $150 Cape - One Roll, $50 Losing Bonus $300 Cape - One Roll, $100 Losing Bonus
  8. Regardless if you celebrate today or not, we have a little event/surprise coming into Awaken. I will spoil the first "event" for you all. Easter eggs! Thank Nick for this idea coming to life! Also, If you take a peak to your left, I'm working on new reputation bars =]
  9. I need to see you more, and also be more active on forums.
  10. I will investigate.
  11. I completely agree. I hope the community knows, Nick and I try our absolute best to promote and get our name out there. We have purchased multiple advertisement spots, made threads, and other stuff. I personally have made a lot of advertisement banners, and a lot of media related stuff for Awaken. Not everybody can do something huge, but just a simple "hello" or "welcome" to new players can truly make a difference. I also want to create a rank specifically for this idea, I think it would bring positive publicity to Awaken.
  12. Edit: for some reason my images are not posting. Will work on a fix.
  13. Re-vamped ::sszone, ::szone and ::dzone will soon follow, for now the teleports remain the same (::dzone and ::megazone). I added ONE demonic npc, the area will be multi so its fair game on it, there is no such thing as "my npc". Alas, the ugly "home button" finally works! Click it to quick teleport home. I will change the graphic to make it look more appealing and "clean" The staff team got a little feature as well. We are now able to see if you are multi-logging instantly. Last but not least, you are now un-able to click any buttons (teleports, donator tab, etc) ASIDE from switching tabs while inside the raid lobby or raid arena.
  14. I took french in high school. J'adore nager a la bibliotheque