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  1. I took french in high school. J'adore nager a la bibliotheque
  2. Opening a Reward system for any bugs I do NOT know about. Med Nuts & Spawn - Using Bank via donator tab to smuggle illegal items, fixable. Me - Disable all donator tab functions while participating in the Raid.
  3. Example of Item Transforming:
  4. Welcome to Awaken, Travis!
  5. Sorry this took long, you should be set!
  6. The last task is to add a system that gives loot to the top 3. I am working very hard on this.
  7. Wanted to reply with all the stuff I added. You are now able to type ::pin inside the raid lobby. Previously, if you logged inside the lobby with a pin, you would be stuck forever until a staff member assisted you. The Raid system will not take your money until you are spawned into the RA. This allows you to leave the RL if you accidentally type it and no one else wants to raid. This command will change, but for beta purposes on my local server, it is ::home. *THIS WILL NOT REFUND YOU. TYPING ::HOME AT THE LAST SECOND WILL REMOVE YOU FROM CONTAINERS AND YOU WILL LOSE 100T AND NOT BE IN THE RAID. IF YOU TYPE ::HOME WHILE INSIDE THE LOBBY AND NO ONE ELSE IS INSIDE OR THE COUNTDOWN HASN'T BEGUN, YOU WILL KEEP YOUR 100T AND BE REMOVED FROM ALL CONTAINERS* If you quick type ::raid and then ::home right as you are inside the Raid Lobby, it will remove you from the container. You will be inside the lobby, but once others join, you will be inside the container, and you will not be teleported inside the raid. The XX13 will soon be an interchangeable item, meaning that you can swap it inside out (similar to runescape voting hats from red to blue, and blue to red.). The XX13 will have all the benefits of the XX13V, but it will not grant the extra HP stat boost. I'm sure you all are not that interested in the various bug fixes, but I think that it is important to share this information so that you do not try anything fishy, and if you do, you will know that it wont work. Anything that I type in the updates that I say are final, live, and are 100% functional patches. They be live once the raids are up. Some other minor updates aside from raids, removed ::market, added the PSHOP npc in the bank at home.
  8. You have been declined a decline.
  9. For every raid released, the prices will increase, and the previous raid prices will decrease, ultimately making 1-2 raids that are free to enter, but the rewards/points will compensate to the price of the raid and the difficulty.
  10. So as you all may have known, I have been updating a ton recently in order to fix Raids. I wanted to make an official list of things that I need to do, things that have been done, etc. This topic will be live on what I get done. Since I'm starting this towards the end, I will simply put the staff that I have done recently, and hope to achieve. This list mainly consists of things that I have been working on after moving my files over to the VPS. KEY: Raid Lobby Container - A container that holds players and the player count of people who are inside the raid lobby Raid Arena Container - A container that holds players and the player count of people who are inside the raid arena RL = Raid Lobby RA = Raid Arena Done To-Do RA to be a true Multi zone. When a player logs-off inside the RA or RL, it will remove them from the Raid containers. Example: logging out inside the raid and logging back in, you will be teleported home if you move. If you type ::raid and enter the RL at the last minute, you will not be teleported to the RA. BUT, you are still in the RA container, meaning if you take one step inside the RL, you will be teleported inside the RA. Previously, you would not be able to enter the game, this would have been a major issue (losing 100t cash). Once the NPC is killed inside the RA, EVERYONE inside the RA, even if not in the container, will be teleported out. Remove banks inside the RL Disable commands inside the RL and RA Disable curses inside the RA Disable select weapons that grant stat boosts inside the RL and RA: Fremmy [p] Death Ripper XX13 V - XX13 will be allowed, we are developing an interchangeable weapon changing xx13 to an xx13 v, and flip flop Disable pets inside the RA System that distributes loot to the top 3 damagers System that distributes Raid points to those who damaged the NPC in the RA. (Example: top damager will receive 100 points, person with least amount of damage will receive 10 points, etc.) Spice up the Raid NPC. (Switching attacks, freezing players, kicking players back like Callisto, etc.) Set NPC to drain prayer Set NPC to hit through prayer (it currently will hit all 0's if you pray magic) Set up Raid Points shop and find Raid Loots. UNPC upon teleporting Make ::raid a timed command (Just so you cant fast type ::raid twice) LATER DOWN THE ROAD: Raid Certificate- Click the raid certificate to open an interface with multiple raid selections. This certificate will bring information to your interface such as what raids are currently active, which ones are free, how many people are in the raids, and other information with specific raids. Made a ::raidinfo command instead of having two commands. This will display the lobby and arena count. Fixed an issue with being able to access ::bank after you type ::raid (quicktype) Allowed a select number of commands while inside the RA and RL. ::raidinfo ::yell ::pin If ::pin is not allowed and you have a pin set, you will ultimately be stuck until a staff member helps you.
  11. Done!
  12. This does not help us at all, and it does not help you.
  13. As the title of this post says, this is in beta mode. Meaning, you can test out the features, commands, and the npc itself for free. It will normally cost you 100t, but until we finalize it, anyone can test it. Commands: ::raid - enters raid (once ONE person types ::raid, a timer of 2 minutes is started. Other players have 2 minutes to also type ::raid. This will be changed to a minimum of 3 players once finalized) ::raidcount - how many people are currently raiding ::lobbycount - how many people are in the raid lobby ::endgame - until I finalize and add stuff, you will need to type this once you are done in the game. ::raidponts - filler command until we add points Stuff to fix: Once you kill the NPC, it will auto teleport you out of the raid arena. Making the area truly multi Disabling all commands in the raid and lobby area's Disable curses and make the NPC hit through prayer Reset player stats upon teleporting inside the arena Disable use of fremmy axe in arena Other minor fixes
  14. Raids will be released very soon, but it will be in BETA mode. You will not receive points and their will not be a shop yet, but it WILL drop items.

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