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  1. Awaken-PS Lottery - February 2017

    Arya - 3
  2. "Guess the number" Event

    33 GL everyone!
  3. Awaken-PS Lottery - January 2017

    11 If you please
  4. Staff Updates 1/15/17

    Many thanks and congratulations everyone I'm looking forward(haha) to working with everyone!
  5. Bestinbedlol Helper Application

    +1 one from me, you've seemed to always stand pretty strong in the community. I get nothing but good vibes from you and it looks like some others think so as well. GL
  6. Arya Server Support

    Thanks for the replies/feedback everyone I'll be stalking your Player owned Shops.. Catch you all in-game <3
  7. TheForward Moderator/Server Support Application

    Thumbs up from me, you're a hoot to play with
  8. Arya Server Support

    In-Game Name - Arya Rank Applying For - Server Support How long have you been apart of Awaken? Coming up on one month shortly Timezone GMT-0800 (Pacific Standard Time) Personal Weaknesses I hate confrontation and have found myself, at times, compromising what I needed in order to keep the peace. This was a real problem, especially in team situations because there are times when you need to tell people things they might not necessarily want to hear. I’ve come to realise this as a weakness of mine and have worked very hard to overcome it. I now use those situations as an opportunity to work at being more assertive without coming across as rude. I take the time to listen and make sure that any comments or criticisms I have are constructive and that the solutions I offer are actual solutions and not just “peace patches". Personal Strengths By nature I'm very calm and you can expect a level head from me at all times. Why should we pick you over other applicants? While I do not have any staff experience when it comes to the RSPS community, I have had the priviledge of being a part of multiple staff teams on WoW and Metin2 private servers. I acquired and developed my own skills over the years which I am able to apply to things in everyday-life. Have you ever been punished in-game? No Any additional information? Thanks in advance for the replies <3, see you all in-game!