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  1. ooo, nice m8! would love to see some new models ingame
  2. Yes you should come back! i miss you D;
  3. What trophy is that one u got? And Gl on getting the candy cane bk -Jon
  4. +1, i see you online all the time again and helping ppl all the time Good luck, may you get your rank -Jon
  5. +1 Your always online and friendly.
  6. Damn nice man... looks awesome.
  7. +1, I remember playing with you and that you were nice to grind and talk with. I do wish that you get a second chance and that you can prove @Ethan wrong - Jon1388 oh,i see that this was a long time agoe Lawl, RIP i guess...
  8. Hia m8! its good to see you have come to sence and joined awaken again hehe