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  1. Also if everyone can host, what would prevent scamming? if we are going to bring gambling bk, atleast bring that gamble duel thing back, then there will be no scams. -Jon
  2. id pick 321, and idk a good reason why i should win yeah i just lost like 40q dicing, but that was my own foult so.... ive played awaken for a long time doe -Jon
  3. Good work! -Jon
  4. 6 - Jon1388
  5. Nice! keep the good work up -Jon
  6. Nah, when u go to demonic u need good gear and gotta be there for some time to make money.. and if you leave early well, then u did something dumb But that's just my opinion -Jon
  7. Jon1388 - 8
  8. 20 lawl gl all!!!
  9. ooo, nice m8! would love to see some new models ingame
  10. Well guys, ofc ima win... -Jon
  11. I think you deserve it, ive played with you for some time now and never had any problems with you. Your always always online and i see you helping loads of players... +1 -Jon
  12. Yes you should come back! i miss you D;
  13. I think what he ment with 30T is that they would be worth so much between players when they were trading.
  14. I dont like this but thats just my opinion... Where is the grind if u can trade points? and it isnt even hard to get enought for the pug -Jon
  15. What trophy is that one u got? And Gl on getting the candy cane bk -Jon