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  1. Req Unban

  2. bye!

    you got banned for breaking rule 19 and rule 10, and not to mention you've been told and warned about it so instead of trying to make up bullshit, how bout you own up to it.
  3. Small suggestionq

    pretty sure u use them on Amber torva or something
  4. Mbox

    it's not been done that way because there's a duping problem with being able to open all mbox's at once
  5. helper

    i used to work as a manager at a multi billion dollar store too! it was mcdonalds!
  6. lowering tombstone price

    the shops set that high so that the eco on demonic equips/tombstone doesn't drop
  7. spawn request!

    with wut money! UR BROKE
  8. Yes bois!

    That wolf sword is sick! also those carepackages aren't what i imagined at all, much props bruh
  9. Arya Server Support

    ya fought with me and held your ground, i liked that +1 from meh
  10. Bestinbedlol Helper Application

    Neutral for me as for me i barely know you besides the fact that you buy pirate hats for 30t ea and sell them to me for 20t, so for now its just neutral
  11. Mac Banned??

    Sorry appeal denied
  12. TheForward Helper Application

  13. Helper application

    hey, im all for it if it means less work for me
  14. ip banned ip muted

  15. A long lost soul has returned.

    "im back" WHERE U AT FAM?!