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  1. That wolf sword is sick! also those carepackages aren't what i imagined at all, much props bruh
  2. thanks for the application, i WOULD +1 but as of this time i cannot do that because as of this time, 2weeks is way too short, so just keep up with what you are doing so far, and maybe in a month or two. this will look a lot better as someone with EXPERIENCE and the knowledge to have some use as a staff member also ps. we might not be looking to hire anymore staff as we are pretty filled up.
  3. lol @slatum, he lost it accidentally before but wasnt recording, thats why he made this video to show how he lost it
  5. This topic has been locked. /Lock
  6. @title also buying all donorpoints 1t per point edit: teddy bear has been bought so.... /lock
  7. hey, im all for it if it means less work for me
  8. i agree! lets ban void! that guy is always making spawn do shit for him
  9. haha
  10. @FourP watched ur video, gotta say if you are using xx13 just use melee pray, soulsplit doesnt work past 100hp
  11. "im back" WHERE U AT FAM?!
  12. dont you dare cheat on me kitkat
  13. i'd support this but it'd have to be for the clean slate program. rwt is a hard crime to come back from
  14. Butterflies already getting