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    In-Game Name: Darkness Reallife Name: Leonardo How long have you been apart of awaken: game over a year ago Timezone: UTC-3 Current Cash stack (provide evidence): Almost 20q (prove: https://gyazo.com/cab97e59102642e0451e35d3e6329d18 Current Value of Bank (provide evidence):Well, these are the best items from my bank: https://gyazo.com/094b78a76fde7e9cebe8338216151b98 Why should we trust you: I played awaken-ps for a long time, I have a good bank, and have no reason to distrust me. Have you ever been punished in-game? if so why?: I never been In three or more sentences summarize why you should have the opportunity to become a Dicer over the others that have applicated?: -I've been online for a long time. -I know all the rules of the game -I have never committed a coup or something illegal in the game. Any Additional information?: the game currently has no dicer online, i want to bring the data to players who are still playing. Thank you for your attention, and I hope everyone's opinion!
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    New server is still under construction. We are still constructing it. Once its up we will be doing a lot more to make sure we don't have to go through this rough patch again.
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    In-Game Name Rank Applying For How long have you been apart of Awaken? Timezone Personal Weaknesses Personal Strengths Why should we pick you over other applicants? Have you ever been punished in-game? Any additional information?