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    Winner is Field With Number 24 Grats
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    || || [Super Sponsor] Bonus Drops ( 1:5k all NPCs): Mystery Donator Box (Elite) [x3] Terror key Terror Chest Rare Drop ( 1:25k all NPCs): Random Pet Drop (Flambeed, KBD, Posidon) 25k 1b Tickets Poison Gem Liquid Honey Mystery Donator Box [x1-x5] Mystery Donator Box (Elite) [x1-x2] Puzzle Scroll Box (Elite): Care Package Care Package (LITE) Christmas Crackers [x15] Limited Edition Presents Heart Crystals Nick Presents Mystery Box [x15] Troll Potion Mystery Donator Box (Elite) Care Package: 1b Tickets Ice Sword Assorted Katanas ASG Armor Nightmare Torva Armor / Whip Death Soul Eater Kirito's Blade Hulk Torva Armor / Whip Aquaraider Raider Armor / Spear Ice diamonds Shadow diamonds Mystery Donator Box Mystery Donator Box (Elite) Carebysll Elite Teleport Care Package Elite: 1b Tickets Nightmare Torva Armor Sky Torva Armor Santa Torva Armor Playmaker Candy Cane Offhand Christmas Cape Christmas Clankers Future Armor Cape Future Armor Shield Jungle Guard Armor / Scimitar Mystery Donator Box Mystery Donator Box (Elite) Mystery Donator Box: 1b Tickets 1T Scratch Ticket Assorted Godswords Rainbow Axe/Offhand Ice/Nightmare Boots Chaotic Whip Monkey Cape 15k Awaken Points Limited Edition Presents Nick Presents Angel Boots Lime Angel Boots DAS Donator Cape Berserker Ring (V) Seer's Ring (V) Ares Armor Ares Shield Row Upgraders Rainbow Boots Mystery Donator Box (Elite) [x1-x5] Mystery Donator Box (Elite): 1b Tickets Ice/Nightmare Armor Ares Armor Ares / Blue Ares Token PVP III Armor PVP IV Armor PVP V Armor Blocks Oxide Oxidised Armor Boxing Gloves Optimus Torva Armor 9 Tails Dragonfire Shield (Demonic) Terror Chest: 1b Tickets Frost Dragon Bones Mystery Donator Box [x1-x5] Mystery Donator Box (Elite) [x1-x2] Care Package (Elite) PVP V Armor PVP IV Armor Legendary Armor Frenzy Godsword Frenzy Rapier Off-Hand Toxic Tails Neon Tails Pink Demon Wings Midnight Wing Shield Frost Bite Teddy Bear Devious Teddy Bear Fairy Chest: 1b Tickets Row 2% Frost Dragon Bones Ares Armor Dragontooth Longsword Mystery Donator Box [x1-x5] Mystery Donator Box (Elite) Girly Angel Wings Exotic Torva Armor Inferno Gloves Inferno Greaves Demonic Scythe Lost Chest: 1b Tickets Row 2% Frost Dragon Bones Ice Sword 2 Pvp III Armor Dragontooth Longsword Depressed Wings Care Package [x2] Fairy Chest / Key Hell Chest: 1b Tickets Frost Dragon Bones Mystery Boxes Care Package (LITE) [x2] PVP I Armor Future Age Sword Purple Blade Cold Blade Brutal Flail Lost Chest / Key Bosses: >::imps Lumbridge Imps (1:20) Imp Collector >::starterzone (1:80) 1b Tickets Hell Chest Hell Key Mystery Donator Box >::torvazone (1:1-100) Assorted Torva Armor List: Burst Flame Blue 24k Predator Cyrex >::bosszone (1:60 / 1:70 / 1:75) Assorted Armor: Elimination Ornamental Tzhaar Lost Pieces >::cyanking (1:?) Cyan Torva Armor >::aiyana (1:40) Aiyana Armor Aiyana Bow >::apoc (1:65) Apoc Armor Rainbow Axe Rainbow Cosmetic Off-Hand >::bdayboss (1:88) Nick Present Lost Chest Lost Key >::asg (1:100) Asgardian Armor Level 99 Lamp Level 135 Lamp >::beastmaster (1:?) Beastmaster Armor Baby Beastmaster Pet (1:6k) >::angry White Birds (1:70): American Torva Helm American Torva Platebody >Blue Birds (1:55): American Torva Gloves American Torva Platelegs >Black Birds (1:60): Fremmy Rapier Chaotic Katana >::glace (1:?) Glace element: Exotic Flower Ignis element: Earth Rune >::normal (1:?) Brandorion Fremmenscence Pet Vorago Medium Donator Shrine Resolato (Light) >::rage (1:?) Fremmy Battle Cleaver Starlight Refractor Level 99 Lamps [x28] >::callisto (1:?) Fremmy's Flag Resolato(Dark) Sentorial >::serb (1:?) Deathwish Cape Deathwish Cape (Blue) Poison Opal Serberus Pet Lost Key Lost Chest >::frog (1:110) Warrior's Contract >::roid (1:105) Blue Ares Token Frozen Light Sword Frozen Diamond Max Power Raygun Lost Key Baby Androided Pet (1:?k) >::totodile (1:105) Totodile Armor Totodile Ring / Necklace Lost Key Ice Sword 2 Mystery Donator Box >::ares (1:175) Ares Helm Ares Body Ares Token Baby Ares Pet (1:?k) >::mes (1:125) Liquid Honey Sword Cape Clockwork Sword Society Sword Mystery Donator Box >::evil (1:250) Old Knight Armor Care Package 1-100 ckeys >::care (1:125) Care Package Baby Carebyssl Pet (1:?k) >Elite Cares (1:175) Care Package (Elite) Fairy Key Baby Carebyssl Elite Pet (1:20k) >Dark Warriors (1:200) Apollo Armor Apollo Whip Dalphmorro Fairy Key Yanille Bunnies (1:750) Bunny Ears >::pirate (1:850) Pirate Hat >::basher (1:130) Bat in a Box Bandos Basher (1:35 from Bat in a Box) >::valgor (1:305) Valgor Armor Fairy Chest Equinox Wings Mystery Donator Box [x5] >::candy (1:300) Candy Torva Armor Candy Torva Whip Fairy Chest >::elves (1:500) Santa Torva Armor Christmas Cape Christmas Clankers Winter Santa Hat Candy Cane Rapier Candy Cane Offhand Fairy Key >::trailed (1:750) Trailed Armor Trailed Offhand Dagger Shield Devil Winged Sword Terror chest Terror Key Tombstone Transcription Fairy Chest >Cane Zone (1:300) {1:50 chance of getting sent home} Cane Box: Black cane Adamant cane Rune cane Candy cane >Guthix Gift Tele Zone (1:250) {1:35 chance of getting sent home} Sea Blue Teddy Bear Kryptic Teddy Bear Divine Teddy Bear >Random Event Gift Zone (1:175) {1:20 chance of getting sent home} Bloodthirsty Teddy Bear Shadow Teddy Bear >Demonic Angel (1:2000) Demonic Angel Armor Demonic Angel Rapier Terror Chest Terror Key Baby Demonic Angel Pet (1:25k) Demonic Dye (1:5k) Donator Bosses: >::beatz (1:?) Beatz Armor Red Rain Wings Fire Battle Axe Offhand >::cupgr (1:120) 1b Tickets [1k,5k,10k,15k] Toxic Naptha >::storva (1:?) Sponsor Torva Armor High Donator Shrine Super Sponsor Boss (::sszone): [x0-x15] Donator Points (1:10 unaffected by droprate) 15 Donator Point Box Super Sponsor Pet Make Sure You +1 Rep or Like This Guide So I know to do more James
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    Hey there Just some in-game improvements to see everything easier / per section. At the moment, the chat box looks like this: But, You can't filter only 1 section of those. So you can't filter public out of the rest, or clan etc. It's just a blank space then: What I propose is adding the filter option and if possible change the "Assist" button into "yell" -> This way it's easier to see people's chats near you, all yells (for trading purposes mainly). Also changing the "Report Abuse" button into "Request Help" tab. I know there is already a tab, but it could be faster for the players to click on that instead of going to staff list... I hope it's clear for everybody, if not feel free to put some questions down below I'll do my best to answer them.
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    As you all know, we are in need of new trivia questions! I am going to be working on a self-made trivia system that allows sponsors+ to submit their own trivia, but until then, I am making this event. Please PRIVATE MESSAGE ME on forums with 1-5 interesting trivia questions that you would like to see in-game. Note, they must be appropriate. If your trivia question gets placed in-game, I will be making a trivia box specifically for this event.
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    requesting donor rank thanks
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    Screw your rules <3, It's either 13 or 69. Happy birthday by the way
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    it should be just raids 5 people max all have a chance to a drop
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    In-Game Name: Master Cape Rank Applying For: Helper How long have you been apart of Awaken? Almost 2 years. Timezone: UTC+2 Personal Weaknesses: I mess much with people and staff, in a funny way. I think i should do that a bit less, to be more serious. Personal Strengths: I am already used to help new people, explain much things and give them a headstart. I think this is really important when we go out the beta and get more people into the server. Why should we pick you over other applicants? I am part of Awaken for almost 2 years now, and i'm still helping much people who have questions, and need help with stuff. Have you ever been punished in-game? No Any additional information? I am really looking forward to become part of the staff, and help the team to grow the awaken community!
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    I agree with such suggestion. And even if it's a integrated client change or even a command to toggle yell. IDM!
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    +1 He's super consistently online, I personally speak with him on discord 90% of the time i'm on this server. He's a super chill guy and kind to newer players :).
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    +1 ur always online and your one of the least many people that can take a joke and understands things in a way that u can recieve a joke i want you apart of the team as you a hoe and wook at all dose cwikens +1
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    well you are kind of jumping ahead here, gambling is not even out yet so cant really say you are trusted plus i think you shouldn't be applying for gambling manager that rank should be earned. so maybe apply once gambling is out
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    +1 make this man a staff member he's extremely helpful.
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    In-Game Name: Cherrygod, Cherry Rank Applying For: Head Mod How long have you been apart of Awaken?: long Timezone: PST Personal Weaknesses: Blunt af Personal Strengths: everything Why should we pick you over other applicants?: i've been head mod before, had to quit due to real life problems which have been solved (aka finding new job) Have you ever been punished in-game?: hell to the no Any additional information?: was told to re-apply
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    u put these questions to good use alot of large paragraphs used i love it cherry u put into detail alot lool +1
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    We currently are in no need for a Gambling Manger or trusted host since we don't have a Gambling system yet. Please Re-apply when we do have Gambling. Thanks for applying.
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    For the Request help tab -> add after the click an extra tab "Do you request help? -Yes / -No " (With some experience being staff on other Rsps - Many misclicks happen... )
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    This topic has been locked. /Lock
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    After hours upon hours, multiple stops at multiple liquor stores, drunk days and nights, and very few sips of water, Nick and I have finally integrated a bank tab system. Please note that this is still a slight work in progress, but we believe it is ready for release. It will be coming very shortly. There are a few bugs that exist, but the overall functionality shouldn't contain too many issues. Bank tabs are something the community has wanted for a very long time. Some features have been disabled to make this work, such as depositing worn equipment, but those are things we can fix later down the road. Our main focus now will be providing new and exciting content to make the game even more engaging.
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    Bank tabs are here! With the release of tabs, we know there will be quite a few bugs. Report any bugs you find in the discord bug report section! We are working on fixes for the bank as we receive them! Tons of model inventory fixes. ::kc to quickly view your NPC kills ::DarkMage 40m HP Multi-zone Multi-damage Highest damager receives the drop! Drops: Cosmetic items, Elite Bow, Anti-Matter cape NPC Kill certificate, dropped by Elite Dark Mage, grants 5 extra NPC kills.