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    In the Awaken 1.3 Update the following updates took place : *Added auto zone checker *Particle system added *Daily login system with rewards *Auto Donator rank claim when you click a donator scroll *2 Pets added to donator store *Buffed Ocean star *1/30 chance to be set home from killing a chicken *Added 2 New enchants to xx13 { NTX Enchant = 1-15 npc tickets Per kill D+ Enchant = 1/30 chance for instant npc death *Removed Charms from drops *Fixed Past 10 prestige drop rate issue *Updated Boss point shop *Added Drop potential for pirates *Rare drop to easter Baskets { 1/10 chance for a Easter ring gives 10% droprate These updates now placed in the live game. Be sure to check back on the forums for every update notes! Please download the new client in the Client download Section!
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    +1, with the growing player base, we need a no life like this to help out, goodluck nub
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    In the Awaken 1.2 Update the following updates took place : *New npc to handle Donation shop *Removed old Armadyl Wing *Added Other Armadyl wings *Added 2 types of dyes for Armadyl wings *Made petzone harder *Fixed Donator Yell messages. Now customizable *Removed yell for normal players. Now donator only *Fixed Clan chat for Regular players *Fixed Regular Donator Teleport in Donator tab *Fixed Xp Lamps { Fixed 99 , 135 and 750k xp lamps *Elite bow has been re-added and fixed *Death Machine has been readded *Bone zone added { 5 Differnt types of bones + Dragon and Frost dragon bones. 1:50 drop rate with some chances at specialty drops *Buffed Silver Sickle and XX13 V *Added a Few items to Donator Shop These updates now placed in the live game. Be sure to check back on the forums for every update notes! Please download the new client in the Client download Section!
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    Done, In Progress, Pending Home teleport icon to open up new teleporting interface Achievement tab created, left of inventory. Tracks NPC kill + drop rate Move around sideBarInterfaces, StaffTab to very bottom right, server/profile information left of achievement tab Spellbook teleports to open up new teleporting interface Fix skillTab, right now it is probably showing 99/99 on skills Fix current prayer, current HP, Combat level, total level text Fix Emote tab Insert rank crowns in PM's Re-Create prayer tab, donators will be able to swap between regular and curses. Create a new prayer granting a 1% drop rate boost, but drains your prayer quickly! Add all staff to the StaffInterfaceTab (Helpers - Owners) Fix ;;players interface Complete and fix the staff console Change death emote + respawn emote/gfx Change the contrast of the current interfaces back to normal (using a darker theme) Under brightness settings, create zoom settings Change fog color
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    Just joined this server today. Thought this section looked a bit empty so I'll guess I'll make the first introduction. My name is Sensei in-game and on forums. The reason for Sensei is because I like doing Martial arts in my free time so why not be called one of the highest rank! I do a bit of GFX on the side too. I am a bit of a forum addict so you might see me a lot on the forums, but I've been quite busy these days so maybe not. I joined via Nick's stream so thank you for streaming and showing me this server. That's basically it. Thanks for reading and let's have some fun aye - Sensei
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    All-in-One Moneymaking Guide Credits go to Jack, James//Forward and Hazza! Beginner Guide (Introduction) : -If you haven't played on Awaken-PS before you'll receive a login starter package. Redeem your carepackages as they can yield you some good gear. -Your gear should consist of: PVP III Set, Rainbow Off-hand, Monkey Cape and Angel Boots. (Note: Founders Sword will only be available to players who have played during the Beta) -Use your Mystery Boxes and Crystal Keys (Chest can be found at home in bank) -Using your Beginner Liquidator you should liquidate any Burst, Predator or Cyrex Torva pieces for some 1b Tickets. You should also see if you gained any Donator Mystery Boxes (Donator Mystery Boxes can give out some good items so if they're better than what you're wielding, use it) -You should have gained around 2000-3000 1b tickets. Head to the 1B Ticket Merchant and purchase a Death Soul Eater. -Head to ::imps afterwards to get a Imp. An Imp will help you collect Mystery Boxes, Crystal Keys, Money Tickets and other items. -At this rate you should be set for the next few guides depending if you're a Non- Donator or Donator. Non-Donator Guide (1B Tickets/Gear Upgrades) : -For amazing cash and maybe some bank loot, head to ::pirates -Be sure to use your Death Soul Eater as for its price, it's the most accurate weapon for your beginner levels. -Pirates have the chance to give 10 Mystery Boxes per kill. Use these boxes for a chance at Donator Mystery Boxes. -Pirates also have the chance of dropping a Pirate Hat (1:850) which will give you a 3% Droprate Boost. -Mystery Boxes tend to give you a bunch of 1b Tickets so after every 3,000 tickets, purchase a Hulk Torva Piece to boost your Strength Bonus. A full set of Hulk Torva, Death Soul Eater and 135 stats in Attack and Strength will allow you to kill the Pirates a lot faster (Pirates are also good for NPC Killcount grinding due to it's low 6,000HP). -Mystery Boxes have the chance to give out Donator Mystery Boxes where you'll have a chance of getting some good money and gear. Notable Donator Mystery Box loot: -Liquidator (An upgraded version of the Beginner Liquidator) -DAS Donator Capes (Provides 2% Droprate boost) -Nick Presents (Chance to get Red and Black Chain [Will need Gold Chain and Body Bar] for 2% Droprate boost) -Ares Armour (Good beginner armour and can be liquidated for 4T [Must have Liquidator]) -Mystery Donator Boxes (Elite) [1-5x] (Can provide Mid/High tiered loot) Donator Guide (Donator Zone Farming) : (Thankyou if you've donated your money to help out the server) -Recommended gear: 135 Combat Stats, at least enough prayer for Turmoil and Protect Melee, PVP III Gear and Death Soul Eater. -Head to ::dzone where you can kill 'Plane-Freezer Lakhrahnaz'. They have 125,000HP and will drop Optimus Torva piece which can give you a good upgrade in gear from PVP III or be liquidated for 50T (50k 1b Tickets). Collect the Helmet, Platebody and Platelegs piece for a 5% Droprate boost. You can also use only the Platebody and Platelegs to give a 2% Droprate boost. Super Sponsor Guide (Donator Point Farming/Bonus Drops) : (Major thankyou for supporting the server in a big way!) -Recommended gear: Full Optimus, Candy Cane Maul, Fremmy Cleaver Axe [P] and maxed Combat stats. -Head to ::sszone where you'll be killing Super Sponsor Monsters. Super Sponsor Monsters have the set rate of 1:10 of giving out 1-18 Donator Points per kill. Super Sponsor Monsters also drop Donator Caskets which gives 15 Donator Points. These points can be sold for 1T per point or be saved up to buy gear from the Donator Store. -Note: Due to the recent update, you'll need to have at least prestiged ONCE to be able to use the store. -Super Sponsors also have the chance of getting Bonus Drops such as Terror Keys/Chests and Mystery Donator Box (Elites). These are a 1:5000 chance and have the chance to yield endgame gear. Terror Keys/Chests usually sell for 150-200T and depending on the type of loot in the Mystery Donator Box (Elites) like PVP V gear, around 200T.
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    In the Awaken 1.4 Update the following updates took place : *New Client { Models now look more crisp. Fixed Dc crash. Fixed flowers. Fixed Black on items Minimap fix. Npcs no longer glitch through wall ::resize ::fixed Fixed ::Gamble Map *Glitch where you don't get a boss at donator boss Fixed *Mystery Boxes Have now been cursed! Speak to martin to find out more! *New 300$ Cape Perk! Gain Donation credit from PVMING! { Random chance to get donation credit while pvming! Use ::300cape for more info! *New items { Assassin gear Ainz Ooal Gown Staff Shadow Ripper New 300 cape New pets for some people Few other fixed 2 Small to list alone. These updates now placed in the live game. Be sure to check back on the forums for every update notes! Please download the new client in the Client download Section!
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    @james i started as a mod oh +1 btw
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    +1 With the server in constant growth, and with the amount of time you spend online, you would be very suitable for a position on the team
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    o you finally came out of the closet ayeeeeeee congratz
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    Real Ethan dawg, only facts no shade. I reformed from my nice self tho, so yeah someone come test my inner G.
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    I think it is fair to say the least that I apply for this because it has been so long. I am not deserving, nor worthy of this. I let you guys down. I want to help Nick, you, the community, I want things to be the way they were before. I miss you all and I hope I can win your trust back. In-Game Name: Slatum/Chef Rank Applying For: Owner/Co-Owner/Admin/Moderator/Helper How long have you been apart of Awaken?: Roughly 4-5 years, time flies when you are having fun. Timezone: Central, but my days and nights are flipped. Personal Weaknesses: Putting others before myself, this may be a good quality to have but through the years I have learned that in the end, the only thing that matters is you. Personal Strengths: Loyalty, trustworthiness, selfless. Why should we pick you over other applicants?: I think I deserve a second chance because I want to make a difference. My life went downhill after Awaken had its break, I worked day in and day out and things just didn't click. I have no one to blame but myself. I think I should be picked because of my past experience and I'm one hell of a drunk coder. Have you ever been punished in-game?: Maybe ;] Any additional information?: I won't let you guys down again. Ignore the Owner title becuase I tried to demote myself on forums but Owner rank apparently cant demote themselves. I know Jack and Nick took a huge leap, I have been busy with work, but I think I am ready to take that step back into Awaken.
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    Your Application has been accepted! Congratulations! /AcceptedApp /Locked
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    You'd have to be a pretty bad person/poster to end up with negative reputation. I can't really think of a realistic scenario where someone would downvote a post aside from flaming or trolling.
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    I have to say I enjoy a reputation system, but a negative reputation system could turn people away from the forums as well. Perhaps the negative portion could be a simple test run for the time being to see how players enjoy it?
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    +1 make this man a staff member he's extremely helpful.
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    We had our differences but whatever, I‘ll support ya IF YOU show pics of ur dogs ;)
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    !!!Dicer Rank Application format!!! In-Game Name: Reallife Name: How long have you been apart of awaken: Timezone: Current Cash stack (provide evidence): Current Value of Bank (provide evidence): Why should we trust you: Have you ever been punished in-game? if so why?: In three or more sentences summarize why you should have the opportunity to become a Dicer over the others that have applicated?: Any Additional information?:
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    +1 This guy is just sitting there playing awaken all the time like he has no life... i trust you 101% and you have been here for a long time. Gl
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    In-Game Name: James Rank Applying For: Moderator How long have you been apart of Awaken? ; Got to be coming upto 4 years now Timezone: GMT UK Personal Weaknesses: Personal Strengths: ive been staff and have previously had the role of moderator ... i spend most of my time if not all of it on awaken id say at least 10 hours a day .... i know mostly everyone and they know me ... i have no issues with anyone and they have no issues with me (well i hope they dont) Why should we pick you over other applicants? Well where do i start ive been apart awaken for coming upto 4 years now and ive been apart of the staff team for most of it i was moderator for along time but i applyed for community manager rank when the fellow holder stepped down i thought i was able to fill that role when i wasnt awaken was going through a tough time ... at the time ... i was also having irl issues but thats another story ... but yehh i left to sort out issues and didnt expect nick/slatum to need me as i had thought long and hard and decided to myself that they would recover awaken without my help but i left for a longer time than expected ... i thought community manager rank was right for me but it wasnt and i understand that now i just wanna go back to being the guy that spends time helping everyone instead of sitting up all night trying to make sure the server was okay when it was draining me ... i will still be up alot and be active but i dont want them responsibilities anymore i wanna go back to how everything was .... i have full respect for nick and i feel like i lost his faith because i left awaken when it needed someone to help kick nick up the arse when it came to content but the issues came first when i promised to nick that i wasnt going anywhere when well i left ... so nick i love you and i want to earn your faith and trust again and show u i can be that person u could trust when u need help Have you ever been punished in-game? Nope ... Any additional information? awaken needs me again and awaken needs a stable active staff team and im sure i can fill that role again ily all remember guns r bad but so is fortnite but its still the popular game atm James x
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    In-Game Name Ethan Rank Applying For Everything that gets me above @Cherrygod How long have you been apart of Awaken? since the first day this bith released Timezone None of your business Personal Weaknesses ankowledging brain dead idiots Personal Strengths selling drugs, taking drugs, being a delusional fly motherf*cker Why should we pick you over other applicants? uhm... because I'm ethan? hello? Have you ever been punished in-game? I've been staff for so long I never gor punished, cuz as said I'm ethan Any additional information? @Nick u still owe me, and normally I'm called nice cube. But when people owe me I turn into notsonice cube. I'm back to take over this again, gief ownur i mek geme gr8 akain
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    Droptable Guide: Very Rare||Rare||Common > Credits go to James//Forward and Flame for this guide < [Super Sponsor] Bonus Drops ( 1:5k all NPCs): Mystery Donator Box (Elite) [x3] Terror key Terror Chest Rare Drop ( 1:25k all NPCs): Random Pet Drop (Flambeed, KBD, Posidon) 25k 1b Tickets Poison Gem Liquid Honey Mystery Donator Box [x1-x5] Mystery Donator Box (Elite) [x1-x2] Puzzle Scroll Box (Elite): Care Package Care Package (LITE) Christmas Crackers [x15] Limited Edition Presents Heart Crystals Nick Presents Mystery Box [x15] Troll Potion Mystery Donator Box (Elite) Care Package: 1b Tickets Ice Sword Assorted Katanas ASG Armor Nightmare Torva Armor / Whip Death Soul Eater Kirito's Blade Hulk Torva Armor / Whip Aquaraider Raider Armor / Spear Ice diamonds Shadow diamonds Mystery Donator Box Mystery Donator Box (Elite) Carebysll Elite Teleport Care Package Elite: 1b Tickets Nightmare Torva Armor Sky Torva Armor Santa Torva Armor Playmaker Candy Cane Offhand Christmas Cape Christmas Clankers Future Armor Cape Future Armor Shield Jungle Guard Armor / Scimitar Mystery Donator Box Mystery Donator Box (Elite) Mystery Donator Box: 1b Tickets 1T Scratch Ticket Assorted Godswords Rainbow Axe/Offhand Ice/Nightmare Boots Chaotic Whip Monkey Cape 15k Awaken Points Limited Edition Presents Nick Presents Angel Boots Lime Angel Boots DAS Donator Cape Berserker Ring (V) Seer's Ring (V) Ares Armor Ares Shield Row Upgraders Rainbow Boots Mystery Donator Box (Elite) [x1-x5] Mystery Donator Box (Elite): 1b Tickets Ice/Nightmare Armor Ares Armor Ares / Blue Ares Token PVP III Armor PVP IV Armor PVP V Armor Blocks Oxide Oxidised Armor Boxing Gloves Optimus Torva Armor 9 Tails Dragonfire Shield (Demonic) Terror Chest: 1b Tickets Frost Dragon Bones Mystery Donator Box [x1-x5] Mystery Donator Box (Elite) [x1-x2] Care Package (Elite) PVP V Armor PVP IV Armor Legendary Armor Frenzy Godsword Frenzy Rapier Off-Hand Toxic Tails Neon Tails Pink Demon Wings Midnight Wing Shield Frost Bite Teddy Bear Devious Teddy Bear Fairy Chest: 1b Tickets Row 2% Frost Dragon Bones Ares Armor Dragontooth Longsword Mystery Donator Box [x1-x5] Mystery Donator Box (Elite) Girly Angel Wings Exotic Torva Armor Inferno Gloves Inferno Greaves Demonic Scythe Lost Chest: 1b Tickets Row 2% Frost Dragon Bones Ice Sword 2 Pvp III Armor Dragontooth Longsword Depressed Wings Care Package [x2] Fairy Chest / Key Hell Chest: 1b Tickets Frost Dragon Bones Mystery Boxes Care Package (LITE) [x2] PVP I Armor Future Age Sword Purple Blade Cold Blade Brutal Flail Lost Chest / Key Bosses: >::imps Lumbridge Imps (1:20) Imp Collector >::starterzone (1:80) 1b Tickets Hell Chest Hell Key Mystery Donator Box >::torvazone (1:1-100) Assorted Torva Armor List: Burst Flame Blue 24k Predator Cyrex >::bosszone (1:60 / 1:70 / 1:75) Assorted Armor: Elimination Ornamental Tzhaar Lost Pieces >::cyanking (1:?) Cyan Torva Armor >::aiyana (1:40) Aiyana Armor Aiyana Bow >::apoc (1:65) Apoc Armor Rainbow Axe Rainbow Cosmetic Off-Hand >::bdayboss (1:88) Nick Present Lost Chest Lost Key >::asg (1:100) Asgardian Armor Level 99 Lamp Level 135 Lamp >::beastmaster (1:?) Beastmaster Armor Baby Beastmaster Pet (1:6k) >::angry White Birds (1:70): American Torva Helm American Torva Platebody >Blue Birds (1:55): American Torva Gloves American Torva Platelegs >Black Birds (1:60): Fremmy Rapier Chaotic Katana >::glace (1:?) Glace element: Exotic Flower Ignis element: Earth Rune >::normal (1:?) Brandorion Fremmenscence Pet Vorago Medium Donator Shrine Resolato (Light) >::rage (1:?) Fremmy Battle Cleaver Starlight Refractor Level 99 Lamps [x28] >::callisto (1:?) Fremmy's Flag Resolato(Dark) Sentorial >::serb (1:?) Deathwish Cape Deathwish Cape (Blue) Poison Opal Serberus Pet Lost Key Lost Chest >::frog (1:110) Warrior's Contract >::roid (1:105) Blue Ares Token Frozen Light Sword Frozen Diamond Max Power Raygun Lost Key Baby Androided Pet (1:?k) >::totodile (1:105) Totodile Armor Totodile Ring / Necklace Lost Key Ice Sword 2 Mystery Donator Box >::ares (1:175) Ares Helm Ares Body Ares Token Baby Ares Pet (1:?k) >::mes (1:125) Liquid Honey Sword Cape Clockwork Sword Society Sword Mystery Donator Box >::evil (1:250) Old Knight Armor Care Package 1-100 ckeys >::care (1:125) Care Package Baby Carebyssl Pet (1:?k) >Elite Cares (1:175) Care Package (Elite) Fairy Key Baby Carebyssl Elite Pet (1:20k) >Dark Warriors (1:200) Apollo Armor Apollo Whip Dalphmorro Fairy Key Yanille Bunnies (1:750) Bunny Ears >::pirate (1:850) Pirate Hat >::basher (1:130) Bat in a Box Bandos Basher (1:35 from Bat in a Box) >::valgor (1:305) Valgor Armor Fairy Chest Equinox Wings Mystery Donator Box [x5] >::candy (1:300) Candy Torva Armor Candy Torva Whip Fairy Chest >::elves (1:500) Santa Torva Armor Christmas Cape Christmas Clankers Winter Santa Hat Candy Cane Rapier Candy Cane Offhand Fairy Key >::trailed (1:750) Trailed Armor Trailed Offhand Dagger Shield Devil Winged Sword Terror chest Terror Key Tombstone Transcription Fairy Chest >Cane Zone (1:300) {1:50 chance of getting sent home} Cane Box: Black cane Adamant cane Rune cane Candy cane >Guthix Gift Tele Zone (1:250) {1:35 chance of getting sent home} Sea Blue Teddy Bear Kryptic Teddy Bear Divine Teddy Bear >Random Event Gift Zone (1:175) {1:20 chance of getting sent home} Bloodthirsty Teddy Bear Shadow Teddy Bear >Demonic Angel (1:2000) Demonic Angel Armor Demonic Angel Rapier Terror Chest Terror Key Baby Demonic Angel Pet (1:25k) Demonic Dye (1:5k) Donator Bosses: >::beatz (1:?) Beatz Armor Red Rain Wings Fire Battle Axe Offhand >::cupgr (1:120) 1b Tickets [1k,5k,10k,15k] Toxic Naptha >::storva (1:?) Sponsor Torva Armor High Donator Shrine Super Sponsor Boss (::sszone): [x0-x15] Donator Points (1:10 unaffected by droprate) 15 Donator Point Box Super Sponsor Pet
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    Equipment Upgrading Guide Credits go to Flame for making the original guide! Upgrading the Partyhat (Good DR and good Strength Bonus // Best Helm Slot) You can start off buy purchasing a Yellow Partyhat at the 1b Ticket Merchant for 800t (800k 1b Tickets) You then can either get Liquid Honey from ::mes, buy it from players in-game or get it as a rare universal drop. You will need 5 Liquid Honey to get the Partyhat from Yellow to Blue Yellow Partyhat + Liquid honey= Red Partyhat Red Partyhat + Liquid honey= Green Partyhat Green Partyhat + Liquid honey= Purple Partyhat Purple Partyhat + Liquid honey= White Partyhat White Partyhat + Liquid honey= Blue Partyhat Ring of Wealths (2.5% and 6% and 7% RoWs) How to get a 2.5% row: you have to buy RoW Upgraders from the NPC called Necrovarus, then all you have to do is to combine them. RoW Upgrader + RoW Upgrader = 0.5% row -0.5% RoW + RoW upgrader = 1% RoW -1% RoW + RoW upgrader = 1.5% RoW -1.5 RoW + RoW upgrader = 2% RoW -2% RoW + RoW upgrader = 2.5% RoW How to get the 6%, 7% and 8% RoW 6% & 7% are obtainable from Donator Mystery Box. (6% can be upgraded to 7% by using 2 upgraders) 8% is exclusively obtainable from an Opened Terror Chest. Referactor upgrades: To get a Referactor, you can either head to ::rage or ::serb. If you would like to upgrade it ::serb will drop a Poison or an Opal. -Referactor + Poison = Referactor (Green) -Referactor + Opal = Referactor (Purple) Poison Gem upgrades: How to get an poison gem: buy the gem from other players for their in-game price, or get it from a 1:25000 random rare drop. -Poison gem + Ice Brutal Whip = Ice Brutal Whip [P] -Poison gem + Nightmare Brutal Whip = Nightmare Brutal Whip [P] -Poison gem + Fremmy Cleaver Axe = Fremmy Cleaver Axe [P] -Poison gem + Bandos Basher = Bandos Basher [P] Chaotic Whip/ Asgardian Upgrades: > To upgrade a Chaotic Whip into either an Ice Brutal Whip or Nightmare Brutal whip you must do the following: -Get a Chaotic Whip from the Donator Mystery Box > To upgrade an Asgardian piece into either the Helm, Platebody, Platelegs, Boots, Gloves or Wings you must do the following: -Get an Asgardian piece from either killing the bosses at ::asg or get it as a reward from the Donator Mystery Box. Collect Presents which can be found at ::monsters Collect either 15 Ice Diamonds or 15 Shadow Diamonds Combine items: 1 Ice Diamond + all other ones until you get a 15/15 gem 1 Shadow Diamond + all other ones until you get a 15/15 gem The Ice Diamonds will get the name “ Frozen diamond” and the Shadow Diamonds will get the name "Evolved Shadow Gem" when fully made. Use the "Frozen Diamond" or "Evolved Shadow Gem" on a Chaotic Whip to either Ice/Nightmare Brutal Whip or on an Asgardian piece to get their respective Ice/Nightmare Torva piece. Armour upgrades: The Ice/Nightmare Torva pieces can be further upgraded to an Ares Helm/Body/Leg piece when used with an Ares Token. -To get an Ares Token, you'll need to open Mystery Donator Box (Elites). Use the Ares Token on the either Helm/Body/Legs piece of Ice/Nightmare Torva to get an Ares piece. From the Ares Armour set, you can upgrade it further by applying a Blue Ares Token. -The Blue Ares Token can be found while killed ::roid(s) or from an Mystery Donator Box (Elites). Apply it on either the Ares Helm/Body/Legs to get an upgrade Blue Ares piece. Death Ripper upgrades: Death Ripper + Camo Dye = Camo Death Ripper How to get: - Death Ripper + Midnight Dye = Midnight Death Ripper How to get: - Death Ripper + Demonic Dye = Demonic Death Ripper How to get: You'll need to have 25,000 NPC Killcount to get to ::trailed. From there you'll need to get a Tombstone Transcript. The Tombstone will allow you to access the Demonic monsters which will drop the Demonic Dye as well as other Demonic Armour/Weapon pieces.
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    Dang you did great job here