Avoiding any punishment at any time can result in a ban.


  • If you are scammed, it is your fault. Without valid proof (video or pictures clearly showing you've been scammed), there is nothing that can be done, and nothing will be done.
  • Mods/Admins will NEVER ask for your password in game. The staff will have either a SILVER or GOLD crown next to their name, not [Mod] or [Admin].
  • A trade under false conditions or promises counts as a scam.


  • Do not argue over yell. You will be given one warning, if the arguing continues, you will be muted for 24 hours, or longer depending on the severity of yell abuse. If you continue arguing over yell after serving your punishment, you will be IP muted.
  • Your yell privilege may be removed by the owner if you abuse it.
  • You may not use yell in order to promote your applications on forums.


  • The use of racist, slanderous, defamatory, homophobic, obscene, indecent, lewd, pornographic, violent, abusive, insulting, threatening and harassing comments towards other users are not tolerated. Flame made in a humorous manner may or may not be interpreted as you intended.
  • Cursing is alright, as long as it is not used to put another down. If told to stop cursing by another member, you must stop. Many people do not like it, and respect is something that you must have.


  • Spamming in-game will not be tolerated. Auto-typers must be set at an interval that does not spam the chat, when told to increase your interval, please do so.
  • Advertising constitutes as spamming. Anyone caught advertising will be machine banned and have their account erased.

Disrespecting Members of Staff

  • Do not disrespect staff members - treat the staff how you would like to be treated, this involves in knowing they are players too and moderate for its best interests. They are here to serve you at an extent.
  • If you have a problem with a decision a staff member has made you can report it in the 'Report A Staff member' section with proof.
  • You are not allowed to openly express your negative opinions of a staff member over pm, thread, yell etc. You may state those opinions under "report a player"

Staff Impersonation

  • Claiming to be a member of staff when you're really not is completely against the rules. Making names, even if they are to troll, to make it seem like you're a staff member, is also against the rules. This rule has no warning, and is a permanent ban.

Bug Abuse

  • Abusing any sort of bug is against the rules. Found a bug? Report it in the 'Report A Bug' section. Abusing a bug will result in a permanent ban.
  • Abusing bugs to 'test if they work' is a bannable action unless you have prior permission (and proof of this) from a staff member.


  • Macroing is the use of third party software that gives you an advantage. This includes Botting, auto buyers, auto sellers, and ghost mouse. You are allowed to use auto-typers but they must be set on intervals that do not spam the chat. If you are caught auto clicking, you may be jailed and have items/points taken away from you.

Multiple Logging In

  • You can only log in to two accounts at one time. If we find you are abusing this privilege to dupe items or abuse any other bug you will be automatically IP banned.
  • You are not allowed to kill the same NPC on the same IP address.

Real World Trading

  • The sale of Runescape, RSPS, and any other game's accounts/items is not allowed and will result in a permanent ban. NO warning will be given.


  • A "troll" is someone who intentionally and persistently posts inflammatory messages about sensitive, topics to bait users into responding or provoke a confrontation. This will be taken as harassment, and will be dealt with as such. The staff’s time is too valuable to be spent on harassing trolls. If you’ve come here to troll, be unkind toward others, and waste our time, then you will be disposed of. The staff has more important things to deal with.
  • Trolling in a humerus manner with light, fun things will be tolerated, but be respectful. If someone asks you to stop, you MUST stop. Harassment is not tolerated, though having some laughs and fun is encouraged by us. Have fun here, don't create problems. Any reports about this will be dealt with at the staff member's digression.

Threatening Others

  • Anything from making real life threats to Denial Of Service attacks are against the rules.
  • Awaken does not tolerate bullies, and DoS/DDoS/CMD attacks are against the law.

Encouraging others to break rules

  • If you're encouraging other members to break the rules you will be permanently banned. If you're encouraged to do so by another player, be responsible and report them immediately.
  • (Ex., Finding a dupe, and asking other players to help you with it.)



  • VPN voting is NOT allowed. This provides an unfair advantage. Although we appreciate your dedication and support towards Awaken, there are other servers out there. I do not want to take a ranking on a website because our players are voting multiple times. Other servers work hard, just as we do, and it is unfair to alter server rankings. Keep the community clean, and keep the ranks legit!


Punishments vary upon each specific situation. Staff will do their best and use their best digression to decide on what action to take. Everything is relevant, and our staff members were promoted to their positions for a reason. Staff are given the permission to amend the rules at any time in any situation. If you have a problem with it, post it in the "Report A Staff Member" section of the forums, or go to a higher up ranked staff member.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to ask! We want EVERYTHING to be crystal clear to prevent possible future issues. 


Additions to the rules will be made below: