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  2. I'm 228lbs Bench: 395 lbs (Haven't maxed since Senior year of HS) Squat: 665 lbs Deadlift: 705 lbs #Chicago4Lyfe #LowWeightsHighReps #BB
  3. Today
  4. mfw all the weight is in kg and im sitting here trying to convert to lbs
  5. I weight 56kg and I'm 19 years old and kinda tall. If I benchpress 90kg I might die but rip
  6. I weigh 500 pounds and i currently can't lift myself out of bed
  7. Wow that looks very aesthetically pleasing, great job honestly
  8. Currently the handle is one from my old model gonna create something new instead. But enjoy the rest in the meantime
  9. Yesterday
  10. I am pleased to announce that you have earned the title of a YouTuber. Congratulations, and keep up the hard work!
  11. great job cove road to 5k elf kills loot lol
  12. Last week
  13. I know commentary would be great but my mic cant handle it
  14. Good job, a commentary would be great like Slatum already stated
  15. Nice! not bad, your chest is lagging a bit, but you have some nice results there bud
  16. Hey! Im doing weightlifting (if you know what that is) best on those are 107kg snatch and 126 kg clean&jerk. backsquat best is 140 kg ,deadlift best is 180 kg and benchpress best is 90 kg And my bodyweight is around 92 kg =)
  17. Good job, you should definitely do more and as slatum said you should add comms in.
  18. I would really like to see you grow as a YouTuber. I recommend trying out voice commentaries, even if they are just little intros to start out!
  19. If your looking for good anime try: Black blood brothers, jormungand, hellsing, 07 ghost, I have more that i liked but i dont remember names
  20. I liked tokyo ghoul just not the ending
  21. Hello guys! it's me Cove, I decided to do topic here so u guys can go check my new videos out when i upload them Channel Link :
  22. I'll look at gintama here soon! I've been looking at suggestions that I haven't seen. but oh my are you all the way caught up with one piece? Show is absolutely a gem. And I'm still waiting for Fairy Tail to come out with more episodes because I loved that show to death. And tokyo ghoul was pretty solid to watch too rumors have it there will be more seasons later this year!
  23. well you could try tokio ghoul? then gintama then one piece then fairy tail oh youll have to watch The devil is a part timer ( its short but hella fun) ill get back to you with some more later
  24. Back to future Hoverboard be a neat custom in the server , New Donator Capes/Shop items benefits for Donator & Super Donator.
  25. You saw the title, shoot!!
  26. I haven't heard of some of these shows! I will look into them in the future, and also yesssss I loved one punch man and SAO. SAO I cried like a little girl during it :'(
  27. this made my day
  28. Not bad, what's your weigt?
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