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  2. i cant get passed requesting title screen

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  4. They look pretty neat
  5. hey do you add them im lost i got 3 weapon i made and cant add them need help my ign name is darkv4
  6. As I already told u @Nick here are 2 examples of them and a random ass youtuber userbar a cool as ex-staff one also the icon: Share your opinion with me, more to come sooner or later idk lets see.
  7. 10 posts does not show that you are a good candidate either.
  8. Hello buddy, I personally think that you didnt answer the questions properly or even spend your time on it. Your application doesn't look appealing to me and really rushed too, normaly I do not reply on staff applications but since you arent going for an ingame spot I will give you my opinion. (this doesnt mean I have something against you as a person). As of right now I dont actually believe we need a forum Administrator cause @Slatum coveres up my part of the job too which I couldnt fullfill anymore. anyways I wish you goodluck with your application. sincerely @Ethan
  9. nice. im sure people would appreciate this alot
  10. fifth guess is 200
  11. 472
  12. In-Depth Guide For Deleting Cache/Fixing Client (Windows Users) For those who downloaded the new client (2.7.1) and are having problems running it, this guide is created for you. Delete All Old Awaken-PS Cache: You would want to first go into your file explorer. For those who don't know what your file explorer is, it's that one icon with the file folder. After locating your file explorer you would want to go into your (C:) Drive. You would then want to locate and access the "Users" folder in your (C:) drive. After locating your personal user folder, you would want to access that. Depending what past awaken cache you have (AP10, AP11, Etc.), you would want to delete all of them, including the new ".Awaken" cache folder. You can also take this time to delete any other unused old RSPS cache you might be harboring. After deleting all the cache you can re-run the 2.7.1 client and try again. If however deleting your cache and re-running the 2.7.1 client didn't work you can try downloading the fixed Cache from forums here and extracting the cache into the user folder manually. You would also want to make sure you have WINRAR which can be found here, WINRAR is an archiver/compression tool. You will need WINRAR to extract the .zip into your user folder. WINRAR Extraction/Fixed Cache Relocation: Once you have downloaded and installed WINRAR, you would then want to download the fixed cache. Once you're done downloading the fixed cache you would want to go into the .zip and extract the ".Awaken" folder into your user folder found in your (C:) drive, previously stated when trying to locate your old cache. You would want to drag the new ".Awaken" cache folder from the fixed cache into your user folder, (NOT the .Zip). Once you finished that you can now run the 2.7.1 client and play! Updating Java: Now if you're still getting errors after deleting old cache and trying the fixed cache method. You can also try checking if you have the latest java here, if not you might want to update it and see if that will help. If you still have a problem with the new 2.7.1 client after trying all of these options, comment and I'll try to get back to you ASAP. Comment a picture of your client issue and some details about it. Thanks, - Imp
  13. thats noice
  14. fourth guess is 400
  15. maybe a loyalty point event where the most person with the most loyalty points in a week wins top 3 get a decent reward
  16. 385
  17. Event... to see how many can log in and stay logged in to play. not just pop in..and say " updates or..ohhh..only 2 online and just leave" Maybe u can think of something fun..or rare small event with limited edition npc to hunt for some nice stuff ..only temp to see how many actually..log in and stay
  18. right im stuck on the next event ideas anyone got any can u share them as im really stuck on what to do james
  19. third guess is 900
  20. im still here fixing irl problems sorry guys love ya all

  21. 500 i deleted 3 other of your posts essex if u read the rules dude it says 1 post per 24 hours not 4 in 24 hours
  22. Hello dear players of AwakenPS I was wondering when the Pest Control teleport, ::customs and the taverley teleport are getting fixed. Also maybe the commandslist should be updated? -Rexpiear
  23. second guess is 600
  24. 471
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