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  1. Yesterday
  2. I'll probably start posting some of my achievements every week.
  3. Good luck on that grind!
  4. Sorry for the short downtime! [Est. 10 minutes] at 3:00 AM central timezone.
  5. Solved. /Locked.
  6. Rank Given. /Locked.
  7. Ill add some special types of flowers ingame for ya Send me a pm when im on ingame.
  8. Id be more then happy to just give your iron man your super sponsor status * while keeping your iron man status basically bonus drop rate* If you would want this just send me a pm on here and ill do it.
  9. If I could take one of my accounts ranks off Brxtt (super sponsor) and throw it onto my Ironman, taking the donation value cut down short by 50%? Making it a sponsor, I had to ditch one of my super sponsors for this Iron man journey, and I feel like this is now just a waste of a super sponsor. Would enjoy it if I could get away with this.
  10. pretty sure u use them on Amber torva or something
  11. Last week
  12. This is a small suggestion: make the exotic flowers so you can equip them. right now they are useless and i think they would look quite fancy,
  13. Good luck on your Goals bud.
  14. In-Game name: Hc Snaup Forum name: Snaup Rank applying for: Super Donator Photographic evidence:
  15. so i stopped playing few months ago and changed my pass and i cant seem to remember it can you guys reset it? ign: defuze if you need proofs that i am the real defuze you can ask spawn or nick can check his skype i have been trying to get my acc pass reseted. or ip mac etc.
  16. You charged back and have been banned.
  17. I've been working on my iron man for a while and I'm pretty happy about the ring of morphing I got not too long ago.
  18. That means you're banned. Fill out a ban appeal instead.
  19. great idea if the monster/boss point shops is gonna get a update with some new stuff.
  20. I will work on fixing this with nick.
  21. I'd say I have to support things, good suggestion !
  22. Ok, i realized that most monsters dont even give Monster/Boss points which is kind of stupid cause you have to farm monsters that drop useless things like ::bosszone if you want to get any boss points, same with monster points. I think mostly every monster in the game should give either monster points or boss points depending on how difficult they are. This way we can kill 2 birds with 1 stone!
  23. Nice goals, goodluck!
  24. Well, i've currently just started an ironman named "Zazu", and my goal for this account is. -Above 80 droprate -50k+ npc kills, or even more while I progress. -Become the #1 Ironman (obvious goal is obvious) -Any good pets, sszone pet / demonic angel.
  25. Hey I cannot log into my old acc "Err". I used to play months ago and i have recently came back to play. I cannot log into my account because it says" account disable please check forums". I was a super donator. The one that has unlimited prayer. I used to have screenshots but i have switched to a new computer. But you can check your donator logs and you will see my name when I donated months ago. Please try to fix this issue. Thank You @Nick @Slatum
  26. Rank Given. /Locked.
  27. In-Game Name: Kurohitsugi Forum Name: Kurohitsugi Rank Applying for: Sponsor Photographic Evidence:
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