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  2. Williaammm, welcome back! Hope to see you ingame, whenever they fix Awaken x)
  3. Welcome back man!! long time no see
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  5. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  6. zzzzzzzzzz
  7. They gave up, thats forsure. They're doing their best for what? The server is just losing players and you cant expect them to not give up. I know the staff team since 2015 and I know how they act. This server has been up since 2015 and did not reach even top 50. That means its a fail. There are other servers out there that just started like 3 months ago and they're already top 5
  8. I got you on this one, I'll actually push Nick to do a formal post which explains stuff. He has some stuff irl which takes alot of time away as he told me. Sincerely, Ethan.
  9. I'll just go for a walk or something and hopefully when I come back its done loading lmao.
  10. You should be able to log on then. My client takes 3-4 minutes to fully load.
  11. I just downloaded the one off the website, so 2.7.1 or something.
  12. Pyro Tazers and myself are currently online. What client version are you using?
  13. They should at least make a formal post about it, I've only actually seen one post about them working on a new client or someshit but that really doesn't tell us anything nor does it really mean anything because they haven't posted any updates on how it is going and everything. I know myself and a few people can't even login let alone the client won't even load past a certain point so do tell how you can manage to login.
  14. they already made it clear. "we will never give up on you guys" and they got back from vacation and are on full coding mode. and as ethan been client out soon..and to what else is going around..full eco reset..i don't know about custom items and if ranks will be refunded back. you can all currently still play the game but no one online ..rare to see more then 3 online or yet anyone at all. soo..let's hope for the best.unless u want things rushed and not working
  15. Yah we need some clarification for sure.
  16. Can we get some sort of clarification on whats going on here? Did ya'll give up or something?
  17. Ya'll give up?
  18. so umm, end of this month?
  19. I see what you're doing 24/7. I already told ur ass to work harder smh
  20. New client will be out shortly.
  21. These look pretty good yeah
  22. Did you jump the fence from Mexico?
  23. So is the server up everytime I try to play I'm stuck at requesting title screen
  24. Good Evening. I have just returned from Mexico today, meaning that I am in 100% coding mode. Nick is as well. Content released no later than by the end of this month. We have and will not give up on you guys!
  25. I just downloaded client to get "requesting title screen" :'(
  26. same here
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