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  3. commands update is pretty handy, solves the annoying problem of doing ::Command instead of ::command. and the j frame is neat too, easier voting. thanks
  4. Hello I donated for regular 2 days ago. Today I donated $15 more for super donor. I got the regular donor box for 15 donor points, used it, became super donor. I relogged and still had the regular donor box in my inv. I clicked it and it reverted me back to regular donor. I would like to get my super donor rank back. i have proof of purchase. Please respond asap. Thank you! Love the server, and thank you for this awesome custom RSPS best 2017 Custom RSPS.
  5. Looking forward to the new client, thank you slatum for working really hard to push things out.
  6. Cool. I don't really think the commands needed that, but I guess its a tad bit faster cause you don't have to press shift.
  7. Here are the updates I have done so far to the new Client! Added Tweening Tweening in RSPS terms means smoother animations. Toggling this on and off, you will see a major difference in how things flow! Added Client JFrame This JFrame will allow you to quickly access our Forums, donation page, vote, support page, event page, Guides, and will also allow you to toggle different features. (Such as Tweening, and Fog). This JFrame will also allow you to take instant screenshots of your client, and also there is an option to go directly to where the image was saved! Removed the player level when right clicking Strictly because it is irrelevant, and it simply cleans stuff up a bit. Commands Instead of typing :: to enter a command, you are now able to use ;;. Both options are there, and both options will be available! EX: ;;home and ::home
  8. Get well and take it slow.. no need to rush..
  9. Happy With The New Me Onwards and Upwards

    Awaken 2017

  10. Feel better soon!
  11. hope you feel better man, we all miss you! get well soon
  12. just an update for my recent inactivity ive been very ill been doctors twice in 2 days my head is banging with constant headaches and been sick like 12 times in 2 days ill be back normal in a couple days just trying to take alot of rest and taking it easy and slow atm sorry guys hope u accept my applogy love ya all James AKA Theforward
  13. Whats is up peeps it's yah boy Moo. It is the Summer so that means I am going to be back in commission after having to take a break for life haha. Looking forward to meeting the new people that I missed in my absence and catching up with old pals! Moo
  14. @Nick owes me a hamburger
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  19. God this guy is so ugly. #banoperator
  20. uh oh, things are boutta get spicy
  21. omg bb
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  24. buying frostbite/devious teddy and antimattercape
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